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Public videos can be viewed by anyone searching for content on YouTube.

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Electing to make a video private does not mean that the video cannot be shared, though. When a video is private, it Does not appear on your YouTube channel Is not listed in search results Can be shared with up to 50 invited viewers Does not appear in playlists YouTube users may share private videos only with other YouTube account holders.

To share a private video, take the following steps: Sign in to your YouTube account.

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Click the down arrow next to your account name upper right. Click the Video Manager link. Select Uploads in the left options on youtube. Choose the video you want to share and then click the Edit button.

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On the Basic Info tab, enter up to 50 YouTube usernames to whom you grant access to your video. Click Save Changes.

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Another privacy option for YouTube content is the Unlisted setting. You can share the video with more than 50 people. To change the privacy setting of your YouTube video to Unlisted, follow the preceding steps — but, on the Basic Info tab for your video, select the Unlisted privacy setting.

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You can now share this video with anyone via a link. Go to YouTube and sign in to your account. Click the down arrow next to your account name upper right and then click the YouTube Settings link below the YouTube heading.

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Under Channel Settings in the left sidebar, choose Defaults. Amy shares the wisdom options on youtube a mom and the feedback of a thoughtful consumer on her blog, ResourcefulMommy.

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