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In order to meet the varying needs of this audience, several layers of guidance are provided including overall principles, general guidelines, testable success criteria and a rich collection of sufficient techniques, advisory techniques, and documented common failures with examples, resource links and code.

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Principles - At the top are four principles that provide the foundation for Web accessibility: perceivable, operable, understandable, and robust. See also Understanding the Four Principles of Accessibility. Guidelines - Under the principles are guidelines. The 12 guidelines provide the basic goals that authors should work toward in order to make content more accessible to users with different disabilities.

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The guidelines are not testable, but provide the framework and overall objectives to help authors understand the success criteria and better implement the techniques. In order to meet the needs of different groups and different situations, three levels of conformance are defined: A lowestAA, and AAA highest. The techniques are informative and fall into two categories: those that are sufficient for meeting the success criteria and those that are advisory.

The advisory techniques go beyond what is options 1 0 and 2 0 worldwide by the individual success criteria and allow authors to better address the guidelines.

Some advisory techniques address accessibility barriers that are not covered by the testable success criteria. Where common failures are known, these are also documented.

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All of these layers of guidance principles, guidelines, success criteria, and sufficient and advisory techniques work together to provide guidance on how to make content more accessible. Authors are encouraged to view and apply all layers that they are able to, including the advisory techniques, in order to best address the needs of the widest possible range of users.

Note that even content that conforms at the highest level AAA will not be accessible to individuals with all types, degrees, or combinations of disability, particularly in the trading school language and learning areas. Authors are encouraged to consider the full range of techniques, including the advisory techniques, as well as to seek relevant advice about current best practice to ensure that Web content is accessible, as far as possible, to this community.

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Metadata may assist users in finding content most suitable for their needs. WCAG 2.

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Other documents, called supporting documents, are based on the WCAG 2. Understanding WCAG 2. Techniques for WCAG 2. The WCAG 2.


Additional resources covering topics such as the business case for Web accessibility, planning implementation to improve the accessibility of Web sites, and accessibility policies are listed in WAI Resources. Each of these is introduced briefly below and defined more fully in the glossary.

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It also includes the increasingly dynamic Web pages that are emerging on the Web, including "pages" that can present entire virtual interactive communities. For example, the term "Web page" includes an immersive, interactive movie-like experience found at a single URI. For more information, see Understanding "Web Page".

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Programmatically Determined Several success criteria require that content or certain aspects of content can be " programmatically determined. For more information, see Understanding Programmatically Determined. Accessibility Supported Using a technology in a way that is accessibility supported means that it works with assistive technologies AT and the accessibility features of operating systems, browsers, and other user agents.

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Technology features can only be relied upon to conform to WCAG 2. Technology features can be used in ways that are not accessibility options 1 0 and 2 0 worldwide do not work with assistive technologies, etc. The definition of "accessibility supported" is provided in the Appendix A: Glossary section of these guidelines.

For more information, see Understanding Accessibility Support.

Climate models project robust 7 differences in regional climate characteristics between present-day and global warming of 1.

Principle 1: Perceivable - Information and user interface components must be presentable to users in ways they can perceive. Guideline 1.

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Understanding Guideline 1. Level A Controls, Input: If non-text content is a control or accepts user input, then it has a name that describes its purpose.

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Refer to Guideline 4. Time-Based Media: If non-text content is time-based media, then text alternatives at least provide descriptive identification of the non-text content. Refer to Guideline 1.

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Test: If non-text content is a test or exercise that would be invalid if presented in textthen text alternatives at least provide descriptive identification of the non-text content. Sensory: If non-text content is primarily intended to create a specific sensory experiencethen text alternatives at least provide descriptive identification of the non-text content. Decoration, Formatting, Invisible: If non-text content is pure decorationis used only for visual formatting, or is not presented to users, then it is implemented in a way that it can be ignored by assistive technology.