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SQL tutorial - Where Clause with Options

If more than one UNION hint is specified, the query optimizer selects the least expensive strategy option clause those hints specified. If more than one join hint is specified, the optimizer selects the least expensive join strategy from the allowed ones.

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If, in the same query, a join hint is also specified for a specific pair of tables, this join hint takes option clause in the joining of option clause two tables although the query hints still must be honored. Thus, the join hint for the pair of tables may only restrict the selection of allowed join methods in the query hint. See Hints option clause details.

The Option Clause in a Book Contract: A Trap for the Unwary Author

All semantic rules used with max degree of option clause configuration option are applicable when using the MAXDOP query hint. For more information, see max degree of parallelism Option. When the query is processed, intermediate tables and operators may need to store and process rows that are wider than any of the input rows.

The rows may be so wide that, in some cases, the particular operator cannot process the row. If this happens, SQL Server produces an error during query execution.

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The estimated recompile threshold is the point at which a query is automatically recompiled when the estimated number of indexed column changes update, delete, or insert have been made to a table. A view is expanded when the view name is replaced by the view definition in the query text. This query hint virtually disallows direct use of indexed views and indexes on indexed views in the query plan.

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Any of the optional clauses can be omitted, but when used, they must appear in the appropriate order. SELECT statements are allowed in user-defined functions only if the select lists of these statements contain expressions that assign values to variables that are local to the functions.

A table variable, in its scope, may be accessed like a regular table and thus may be used as a table source in a SELECT statement.

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The length returned for text or ntext columns included in the select list defaults to the smallest of the actual size of the text, the default TEXTSIZE session setting, or the option clause application limit. To change the length of returned text for the session, use the SET statement.

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SQL Server raises exception and rolls back the current executing statement if either of these occur: The SELECT statement produces a result row or an intermediate work table row exceeding 8, bytes.

The identity column is listed more than once in the select list. The identity column is part of an expression. Option clause rules and restrictions for the identity columns apply to the new table. SQL Server version 7.

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It is recommended that queries be rewritten to use the SQL syntax. Aggregate functions specified in the select list calculate summary values for each group. See Also.

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  6. Introduction[ edit ] An option is the right to convey a piece of property.