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The Stock Yield Enhancement program provides customers with the opportunity to earn additional income on securities positions which would otherwise be segregated i.

Equity Run Codes

Customers who participate in the program will receive cash collateral to secure the return of the stock loan at its termination as well as interest on the cash collateral provided by the borrower for any day the loan exists.

What are fully-paid and excess margin securities?

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How is the income received by a customer on any given Stock Yield Enhancement Program loan transaction determined? The income which a customer receives in exchange for shares lent depend upon loan rates established in the over-the-counter securities lending market.

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These rates can vary significantly not only by the particular security loaned but also by the loan date. There are different industry conventions per currency.

Interest option account statements ceases to accrue on the next business day after the transfer input or un-enrollment date.

In addition, Financial Advisor client accounts, fully disclosed IBroker clients and Omnibus Brokers who meet the above requirements can participate.

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In effective indicators for binary options case of Financial Advisors and fully disclosed IBrokers, the clients themselves must sign the agreements. For Omnibus Brokers, the broker signs the agreement. Clients who are eligible and who wish to enroll in the Stock Yield Enhancement Program may do so by selecting Settings followed by Account Settings.

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Click the gear icon next to the words Trading Permissions. The cash account must meet this minimum equity requirement solely at the point of signing up for the program.

If the equity option account statements below that level thereafter there is no impact upon existing loans or the ability to initiate new loans. How does one terminate Stock Yield Enhancement Program participation? Clients who wish to terminate participation in the Stock Yield Enhancement Program may do so by logging into Account Management and selecting Settings followed by Account Settings.

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Requests to terminate are typically processed at the end of the day. If an account signs up and un-enrolls at a later time, when can it be re-enrolled into the program?

After un-enrollment, the account may not re-enroll for 90 calendar days. What types of securities positions are eligible to be lent?

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US Market.