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Other general options are discussed in Chapter 2 Setting up OpenOffice. The list on the left-hand side varies depending on which component of OOo is open.

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The illustrations in this chapter show the list as it appears when when OpenOffice. A list of subsections drops down.

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The Back button has the same effect on all pages of the Options dialog. It resets the options to the values that were in place when you opened OpenOffice. User Data ooo options Impress uses the first and last name stored in the User Ooo options page to fill in the Created and Modified fields in the document properties, and the optional Author field often used in the footer of a presentation, so you will want to ensure that your name appears there.

To do this: In the Options dialog, click OpenOffice. Fill in the form on the OpenOffice.

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Print options Set the print options to suit your default printer and your most common printing method. You can change these settings at any time, either through this dialog or during the printing process by clicking the Options button on the Print dialog. In the Options dialog, click OpenOffice. See Chapter 10 Printing, e-mailing, exporting, and saving slide shows for more about the options on this page.

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Color options On the OpenOffice. You can select a color from a color table, edit an existing color, and define new colors. These colors are stored in your color palette and are then available in all components of OOo. Defining colors to use in color palettes in OOo. To modify a color: Select the color to modify from the list or the color table.

  • Select text, table, or object.
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Enter the new values that define the color. The changed color appears in the lower of the two color preview boxes at the top.

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Modify the Name as required. Click the Modify button. The newly ooo options color is now listed in the Color table.

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Alternatively, click the Edit button to open the Color dialog, shown below. The upper right color window is linked directly with the color input fields in the lower area; as you choose a color in the upper window, the numbers change accordingly.

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The two color fields at the lower right show the value of the selected color on the left and the currently set value from the color value fields on the right. Modify the color components as required and click OK to exit the dialog. The newly defined color now appears in the lower of the color preview boxes shown in the figure above.

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Type a name for this color in the Name box, then click the Add button. A small box showing the new color is added to the Color table. Editing colors.

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Another way to define or alter colors is through the Colors page of the Area dialog, where you can also save and load palettes, a feature that is not possible here.

However, if you load a palette in one component of OOo, it is only active in that component; the other components keep their own palettes.

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Appearance options On ooo options OpenOffice. The only choice specific to Impress and Draw is the color of the grid ooo options. To change the default color for grid points, click the down-arrow by the color and select a new color from the pop-up box.

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If you wish to save your color changes as a color scheme, click Save, type a name in the Scheme box; then click OK. Changing the color of grid points in Impress and Draw.