Money he earned in spite of. 5 Comments

Answer these questions in one or two sentences each.

money he earned in spite of

Give a reason for your answer. What did they later become? How did Abdul Kalam earn his first wages?

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Had he earned any money before that? In what way? Answer 1. Dinamani is the name of a local newspaper. Ramanadha took over the priesthood of the Rameswaram temple from his father; Aravindan went into the business of arranging transport for visiting pilgrims; and Sivaprakasan became a catering contractor for the Southern Railways.

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During the Second World War, when the stoppage of trains was cancelled at Rameshwaram, the newspapers were bundled and thrown out of a moving train. Kalam's cousin, who distributed newspapers, asked him to help in collecting these bundles.

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This task helped Abdul Kalam earn his first wages. Yes, Abdul Kalam money he earned in spite of earned some money before that. When the Second World War broke out, there was a huge demand for tamarind seeds in the market.

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He used to collect the seeds and sell them at a provision shop on Mosque Street. This helped him earn one anna a day.

money he earned in spite of

Answer each of these questions in a short paragraph about 30 words. How does the author describe: i his father, ii his mother, iii himself? What characteristics does he say he inherited from his parents?

money he earned in spite of

Answer: 1. He had neither much formal education nor much wealth.

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However, he possessed great innate wisdom and a kind heart. He was self-disciplined and avoided all inessential luxuries. She was a woman with a big heart who fed many people everyday.

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He possessed the qualities of honesty, self-discipline and kindness which he inherited from his parents. He says that he inherited honesty and self-discipline from his father.

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From his mother he inherited faith in goodness and deep kindness. Discuss these questions in class with your teacher and then write down your answers in two or three paragraphs each. Were these groups easily identifiable for example, by the way they dressed? Can you identify such people in the text?

The best things in life are free though love is often very.

How can people change their attitudes? Answer: i He mentions two social groups of orthodox Brahmins and Muslims.

money he earned in spite of

Yes, these groups were easily identifiable. They had their different dress codes and rituals.

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For example, Kalam used to wear a cap while his friend Ramanadham used to wear the sacred thread. During the annual Shri Sita Rama Kalyanam ceremony, his family used to arrange boats with a special platform for carrying idols of the Lord from the temple to the marriage site, situated in the middle money he earned in spite of the trading signals place called Rama Tirtha which was near his house.

money he earned in spite of

Lakshmana Sastry who conveyed the strong sense of conviction to the new young teacher to reform him. Kalam always sat next to Ramanandha Sastry.

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He immediately asked Kalam to sit in the last row. Both Kalam and his friend Ramanadha Sastry were extremely unhappy with this.

money he earned in spite of

In the second incidence, Kalam's science teacher Sivasubramania Iyer invited him for a meal to his house. His wife, who was very conservative got worried about the idea of a Muslim boy eating in her pure Hindu kitchen.

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So, she refused to serve him in her kitchen. Then Lakshmana Sastry summoned the teacher and conveyed the strong sense of conviction which ultimately reformed him. Why do you think he spoke those words? Answer: i Kalam wanted to leave Rameswaram for further studies.

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He wanted to study at the district headquarters in Ramanathapuram. He encouraged his son to go ahead giving the example of the seagull. They have their own thoughts.