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Airbnb — Rent Your Room Have a spare room in your house?

Ready to know more in this article? Read on! Trim your expenses You can call your bill collectors, try to squeeze the last penny from your budget, etc.

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Or you have an app called Trim do all those for you and help you save or earn money in the process. Trim is an app that cancels your recurring subscriptions for you, negotiates bills for you, finds better deals on items and services, etc.

That's a good question.

5 Quick Money Making Ideas (That Take Less Than 1 Hour)

The more items you cut back on, the more you save. At first, this trick won't necessarily make you that 50 dollars online, but it's money that can add up to a lot of money.

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Take paid online surveys Don't mind sharing or giving your opinion? How about getting paid to do just that?

24 Ways to Make $50 Fast

Would that change your mind. A lot of people would.

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Paid online surveys offer a way to boost your income and provide your well-versed thoughts and opinions as well. People like sharing opinions on about anything. So, why not just get paid doing it?

One excellent paid survey provider I like to use is Survey Junkie.

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It's like Swagbucks survey. Not bad at all espeically it's free money. FYI: Click here if you want make quick money 50 get paid to type online.