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You might also want to look into real estate investment trusts, or REITswhich work much like stocks but are special kinds of corporations that invest in real estate and pay out most of their income to shareholders. Image source: Getty Images.

80 Ways To Make Money From Home (In Your Pajamas)

Rental property income Another way to generate seemingly easy money via real estate is to buy properties and rent them out, collecting rent checks each month. That can seem like a tantalizing proposition, but know that it's often not as lucrative as it may seem, and can actually be hard work sometimes.

After make money without investing yours, you will still be on the hook for insurance and taxes, and you'll have to pay for repairs and maintenance, too.

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Whenever the property is empty, you'll be collecting no income, and when it's occupied, some tenants can be troublesome, not paying on time or at all, or calling you at inconvenient times with problems. Still, when you have good properties and good tenants and have perhaps hired a property management company as well, you may be able to net some meaningful income with little work on your part.

How To Make $100 Over and Over Without Investing Any Money in 2019

Credit card rewards This way to collect passive income is very passive and very easy. Simply use a generous cash-back credit card or two when you spend money.

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Other cards are tied to certain retailers -- such as Amazon. Many travel cards offer generous rewards as well.

Mistplay is an Android-specific application that offers users the opportunity to play games in exchange for monetary reward. It will be coming to Apple very soon. The app launched infocusing on providing users an environment in which they can participate in games in exchange for prizes.

Residual and royalty income If you can create desirable images or graphics, you may be able to collect residual or royalty income from them. For example, take photos that many people might pay for and upload them to stock photography sites such as iStock.

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Upload clever designs to sites such as Teespring. You could even write an e-book and self-publish it, selling it online, via Amazon.

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There is work involved in your original creation, but after that, as long as there are buyers, it's all gravy. Affiliate marketing If you can build a web destination that attracts a lot of visitors, such as a blog about some interest of yours, you may be able to make money off advertisements on it.

If you write about photography, you could host ads for cameras and related equipment, and people who click on the ad -- and, ideally, make purchases -- will produce income for you.

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If you have a travel blog, you might do a review and link to books about various destinations and then collect a small cut of any sales those links generate. Annuities Annuities are easy income -- but you have to have a hefty sum with which to buy the annuity, and you'll want to invest some time learning all about annuities and picking a few internet passive income ones, too.

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After that, though, regular checks will arrive like clockwork, make money without investing yours immediately or whenever you specified for them to start. Favor fixed annuities over variable or indexed annuities, which can have steep fees and overly restrictive terms.

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Here's what you might collect from various immediate annuities at recent interest rates. When interest rates are higher, insurers will offer greater payouts.

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