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Electronic money refers to money that exists in banking computer systems that may be used to facilitate electronic transactions. Although its value is backed by fiat currency and may, therefore, be exchanged into a physical, tangible form, electronic money is primarily used for electronic transactions due to the sheer convenience of this methodology.

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Key Takeaways Electronic money is currency that is stored in banking computer systems. Electronic money is backed make money with electronic money fiat currency, which distinguishes it from cryptocurrency.

Various companies allow for transactions to be made with electronic money, such as Square or PayPal. The prevalence of electronic money has led to the diminishing use of physical currency.

Although electronic money is often considered safer and more transparent than physical currency, it is not without its risks. How Electronic Money Works Electronic money is used for transactions on a global basis.

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While it may be exchanged for fiat currency which, incidentally, distinguishes it from cryptocurrencieselectronic money is most commonly utilized through electronic banking systems and monitored through electronic processing.

Because a mere fraction of the currency is utilized in physical form, the vast percentage of it is housed in bank vaults and is backed by central banks. For this reason, a primary function of the U.

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Federal Reserve and its how to make money write reviews supporting banks is to manage the fiat currency in physical form and control the money supply through monetary policies and open market operations. Because of the transparency that is inherent to electronic money, many have speculated that the increase of its use could lead to a significant decrease in inflation risk.

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Special Make money with electronic money Currency in Circulation Electronic money can be held in various places. Most individuals and businesses store their money with banks that provide electronic records of the cash on deposit. However, prepaid cards and digital wallets like PayPal and Square likewise allow users to deposit fiat currency for electronic money.

Such companies will make their profit by charging a percentage on any amount that is withdrawn from accounts or converted from electronic money back into fiat currency.

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Electronic Payment Processing Many Americans process transactions electronically in a multitude of ways. This includes receiving paychecks through direct depositsmoving money from one account to another via electronic fund transfers, or spending money with credit cards and debit cards While physical currency is still advantageous in certain situations, its role has gradually diminished over time.

Many consumers and businesses believe electronic money is more secure and convenient because it cannot be misplaced, and it is widely accepted by merchants nationwide.

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The U. Banks and financial institutions partner with electronic money networking processors to issue their customers branded network cards that facilitate these electronic transactions from bank accounts to merchants.

E-money can be used for payment transactions, with or without bank accounts. The great advantage of course is a cashless payment system that makes money transfers of any size quick and easy. Digital Currency Revolution A revolution has been taking place in the world during the past few decades, and it has nothing to do with political regimes or even economic systems. A new form of payment has been developed that is changing the way people buy and sell—probably forever. Brief History of Money Mankind has used all sorts of payment forms during his brief time on this planet; cowrie shells, weights of silver, salt, and even knives are a few examples on the long list of payment methods.

Electronic money is also easily transacted through e-commerce, letting consumers conveniently shop for goods and services online. Criticisms of Electronic Money Although electronic money is quickly becoming the norm and is often hailed as the more secure and transparent alternative to physical currencythis does not mean that it comes without its own set of risks and vulnerabilities.


Electronic transactions also lend themselves to being more discreet and, thus, easier to hide from the IRS, making electronic money a potential and unwilling accomplice to tax evasion. Lastly, the computer systems that are responsible for carrying out electronic transactions are not perfect, meaning that electronic money transactions can sometimes go awry simply due to system error.

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