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We caught up with them to learn how they're enjoying her teaching abroad experience in Pavlodar so far. What initially interested you in teaching abroad? My wife and I are both long-time teachers, and we both love adventure. Teaching abroad was a natural choice for us.

Some travel restrictions are being lifted in Kazakhstan.

Why did you decide on Kazakhstan and the NIS program? Describe the school that you teach at.

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The school is great, and the kids are amazing! I have taught in many different environments, and I have never met a group of students who are ALL so eager, friendly, welcoming and extremely nice.

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It is a genuine pleasure being in a classroom with these kids! What does the typical workday look like?

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We the international teachers teach 18 minute periods in a five-day week, Monday to Friday. These may include English lessons with our co-teachers, tutorial sessions, clubs, or other activities. This year, my classroom time consisted of three Grade 8 classes with a Russian-speaking co-teacher, and one Grade 9 class with a Kazakh co-teacher.

Class time was roughly split between us, usually in our relative languages.

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My co-teaching experience has been wonderful this year … classes were a real combined effort, both in planning and delivery. Between classes was time for lesson prep, personal responsibilities such as banking, medical appointments, etc. We are required to be in school from 8am to 5pm, with one hour for lunch between 12 and 2. There are also some required cultural events to attend on the weekends, but these are usually great fun.

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There are also Kazakh and Russian language lessons once a week. What's the cost of living like in Kazakhstan? We are living in Pavlodar, and the cost of living is pretty low.

Technical Details

We understand that it is more expensive in big cities like Astana or Almaty. Also, we have been told that how to make the easiest money salaries are higher outside of the big cities.

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We have been to more cultural experiences in four months than in four years teaching in Northern Alberta. Do you have any tips for teachers who are looking to apply to teach abroad or for the NIS program in particular?

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It is a wonderful experience! Kazakhs are a lovely, warm and welcoming people. NIS seems to be a super place to work.

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I highly recommend working abroad, in general, and working for Make money quickly in Pavlodar in particular. Any final pieces of advice or suggestions? Where do I start… 1 You are paid essentially for an month make money quickly in Pavlodar.

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Paid leave days are accrued and can be applied either to Christmas or summer vacation. Remember the rest of your leave is unpaid. You will have to locate one yourself and take a translator. It has often been easier to just find a good one close by and pay ourselves as health costs are quite low compared to home.

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I had a huge problem because I paid cash, and had only my boarding passes and e-tickets, which was not considered enough evidence. Long and short, we love it here, both working and living, and although there are little idiosyncrasies to overcome, we recommend it very highly!

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Inspired by David and Zora's experience? Take a look at our current teaching positions with NIS.