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He has shared photos of himself with famous people. They conveniently forget to mention that if you join PHP Agency, you will be a commission based salesperson, not a manager.

We are not sure where this statistic comes from, it could be made up on the spot. Choose The Right Industry Here they tell us that the aging Baby Boomers are in need of retirement and other financial solutions.

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They then show us a graph which tells us that sincethe number of insurance agents has severely decreased while the population has grown. They are trying to tell us that there is shortage of insurance salespeople, what we are seeing is that there is less demand for insurance salespeople.

The process has become much simpler in the computer age.

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Each agent can now service more customers and many customer choose to do it themselves using online providers etc. They also show us that they have an app for smartphones and a website, just like every other financial services company in make money in php world.

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The Brochure ends with more of the MLM hype we saw in the beginning. Pictures of celebrities mixed in with random people they think we should know.

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Then to top it off there is the reminder that PHP Agency provides all 4 steps to creating wealth. The brochure was fun but it did leave us wondering how the system actually works, so we thought we better keep looking.

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PHP has managed to condense all the information into a 1 page document. They higher you climb the triangular system, the more you can earn. For us, the requirement to recruit triggers the promotion through recruitment red flag.

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To get here you will need to have achieved 15 sales, have at least 15 recruits with at least 30, in GV. To top it off at least one of your recruits must be at the Associate level.

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To achieve this level, you will also need to become a licensed insurance agent. So for you to be promoted, your recruits need to also recruit.

We see this as the Constant Recruitment Red Flag.

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Director All you need is 2 direct Field Associates personally sponsored6 licensed make money in php, 30 recruits, and 30 sales. Marketing Director Continuing the recruitment theme, to get to this level, you need 3 Field Associates.

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PHP Agency gives us an asterix in their document, but then fails to explain further with any small print. It could be an oversight or it could be that PHP Agency is being elusive.

Posted on April 1, April 7, Do you wonder how to make money with PHP programming? Here are 8 creative ways for a PHP developer to make decent amount of money programming in PHP PHP, if not the best, is one of the best career options for developers to consider and make a lot of money along the way as well. Search top job sitesand you will find more PHP openings than any other competing technologies.