Make money fast sex

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make money fast sex

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Well, not exactly. We're talking about something conceived by sexual health and education organisation The Pleasure Project.

make money fast sex

The initiative has been conjured up to promote condom use and safe sex — and to highlight that using protection doesn't inhibit the quality of those raunchy moments with bae. The Pleasure Project is looking for participants — people happy enough to be filmed engaging in full-on intercourse.

Image: Getty The purpose is to educate others in practicing sex safely, not for people to get excited over.

make money fast sex

The Pleasure Project will film couples in 'real' locations, from student dorm rooms to the back seats of cars. Organisers are looking for heterosexual or male homosexual couples.

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Filming will last around three hours you probably don't have to actually last that long, don't fret. Read More.

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