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Item options allow a site owner to: Offer customers item option choice from a list of selections Add a text field which allows a customer to type in actual information needed to complete the purchase When purchasing product, a customer will be presented with a drop-down menu which contains a list of choices.

The customer will be able to choose one option from this menu.

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If the text field option is used, the customer will see a named label such as "Special Instructions:" with an empty text area below. As item option example, the options feature can be used to offer customers a choice of colors or sizes, or a text field can be created which allows a customer to type in comments.

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Any number of options can be set up, as long item option the choices do not affect the selling price of the product. Use the item option administration page to add, delete or modify options associated with an item. This feature allows customers to select non-price dependent options from a pre-defined list of choices. Navigation: Click on the main "Ecommerce" link at the top of any main administration page.

Creating and Editing Item Options on Square Dashboard

Click on the "Product Catalog Management" text link to load the product catalog management page. Access the item management page by either creating a new item or by selecting an item to edit from the item drop down menu.

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The item management page will load in a new browser window. Click on the "Options" text link located at the top of the administration window. To item option a small text area to the item, activate the feature by clicking the check box next to "Text Area Option".

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Enter the name to display above the text area in the space provided. Click on the "Update" button to save the changes.

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If necessary, more than one item option area may be added. To add another text field, click on the "New Text Area Option" button, and repeat the steps above.

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To create a new option, click on the "New Option" button. Once the page reloads, replace the default option name "New" with any desired name example: "Color". In the empty field next to "values", type in the first value example: "Red"and click the "Add" button.

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Add as many values as desired by repeating this process. For each option created, a new option administration area is item option on the page.

To delete an existing option set, click on the "Delete" button located beneath the option Id number. To change the order of any option set, click on the "Up" or item option arrow button located beneath the "Option Id" number. Repeat this process until all option sets appear exactly as they should be displayed in the product catalog.

To change the name of any option set, type over the existing name, and click the "Update" button. To delete an existing value within an option set, highlight the value and press the "Remove" button located to the right of the value list.

Options can be reused across your item library, saving time when you add new variations or items. Options are a set of attributes you can apply to multiple variations in your Item Library. You can quickly create and organize item variations by combining options with just a couple of clicks from the item details page.

To re-order any values within an option set, highlight the value to move by clicking on it from the list of values. Use the "Up" or "Down" arrow button to move the value.

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Repeat this process until the value list is ordered as it should be displayed in the catalog. To change the name of any value used in item option option set, delete the value, then add a new one.

Library Configure to Order Environments You can define model and option class bills of material that list the options your customers can choose from when they place a sales order for an assemble to order configuration. To define assemble to order models whose configurations you assemble using manufacturing work orders, you must set the Assemble to Order Item Master field to Yes for the model and option class items.

Click the "Update" button to apply any changes before closing the item options window.