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Consider a Mesh-Based System 1. In the same way that restarting your computer can clear up issues with its performance, internet earnings program in signals your modem and wireless router could be the remedy for a weak Wi-Fi signal.

In general, the farther your router is from the devices that are connected to its signal, the weaker that signal is going to be.

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The same goes for your router. The process for doing the update will vary from router to router, but in general, you should be able to visit the website of the manufacturer of your router and get instructions for updating there.

This article goes into a bit more detail about what the process involves.

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Make Sure Your Signal is Locked Down Making sure your wireless network is secure not only helps internet earnings program in signals you from malicious activity, but it can also ensure that no one is stealing your precious bandwidth.

Here are 11 keys to keeping your home Wi-Fi network safe and secure.

COVID-19 and the importance of universal broadband

PCMag has more information on how to do that. Most routers come with something called Quality of Service QoS tools that can help you limit the amount of bandwidth different apps use. You can use these tools to prioritize certain apps over others.

You can learn more about the differences between the 2.

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These are relatively inexpensive and can be particularly useful in larger homes or places where there are a lot of obstructions. This site has a good roundup of the best ones available right now.

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Consider a Mesh-Based System Finally, a more expensive but more thorough option is to invest in a wireless mesh router system. If nothing seems to work, only then should you consider shelling out more money for a repeater or mesh system.