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The result seems to be a little buggy, as the OS doesn't always display the extra capacity. Not available for file transfers either. However, this internal option the best answer so I am marking it correct.

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But the individual ones should be correct. I tried to run updates on my apps and keep getting messages that there is not enough storage.

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Will this even work on the Samsung Galaxy S5? Would rooting it help?

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Any ideas? Anyway, seems to have worked. This was on a Note 4.

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I assume what's happened at this point is that, though internal option total size isn't listing as changed, it actually is. Wish I knew how to confirm with these tools. Slight correction: Under "Storage" it does list the total correctly with internal being mostly full as it was and almost nothing on the card.

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Assume I can just treat it all as one big happy pile of storage at this point? But what was meant by "can't be used for transfers"?

It is also possible to unset these options by preceding the letter with a hyphen, and a combined setting and unsetting such as? If a letter appears both before and after the hyphen, the option is unset. When an option change occurs at top level that is, not internal option subpattern parenthesesthe change applies to the remainder of the pattern that follows. If an option change occurs inside a subpattern, the effect is different.

I assume you're just meaning that you can't yank the thing out and pull things off and on with a computer or other device? Anyone care to share some caveats or tips after getting to this point?