Indicator- free strategy on daily charts

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So before we get any further into the analysis of the various types of strategies that we could employ using the daily charts, it old school trading strategy essentially to get a good understanding of what we understand by a daily time frame or a daily chart in the forex market context. Only a proper understanding of the daily chart will enable effective interpretation.

Daily chart or time frame is almost the most popular among professional traders, because it summarizes the whole day events, the open, high, low and close prices. With a potential to offer deep insight into the daily market trade, they give you an important perspective about the valuation and the fair value of the specific entity that is being charted.

The daily charts give the trader a fair idea of the trend that might be underway and comparative study of charts over a few days clearly indicates the bias in the market.

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In other words, it is perhaps one of the easiest indicator- free strategy on daily charts to befriend the trend in the market. A strong signal on the daily chart can show you the direction of the market for the next several days, weeks or even months. Submit Your Email to Receive "The Secrets of Financial Freedom" eBook for Free: Also, price action in the daily charts is an ideal indicator for swings, especially the short-term ones that day traders look at to execute their strategies.

indicator- free strategy on daily charts

For the sake of convenience of those who are plotting and all those who are using this information, a forex day is generally from 5 pm EST of one day to same time next day. As a result of this convention, charting becomes fairly simple, and the action can be broken down into smaller tranches instead of one continuous graph which could be both confusing as well as cumbersome to deal with.

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So, that takes us to the next stop as to how we can use the daily charts in specific strategies for better trading success across the forex market.

Candlestick Patterns The candlestick chart patterns cover a broad cross section of many different kinds of charts.

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Here is a look at some of the most commonly traded patterns using the daily charts: Engulfing: This one has two key candles, the white one engulfing the black one in case of bullish charts. The opposite happens in the case of bearish sign where the black engulfs or outsides the white one. Harami: This particular candlestick is perhaps one of the clearest indicators of market swing. In the case of a bullish Harami, you have a long black candle followed by short white one denoting improvement in sentiment.

The exact opposite happens in case of a bearish one.

Why Are Technical Indicators Important?

This too involves two candles to bring out the exact trend in the market. The bearish candle pattern is almost the mirror image and is known as dark cloud cover. In this one, sellers take control on day two. Doji: This one is a very commonly used candlestick chart pattern and signals indecision and rangebound market action. Many a times a Doji could also be seen as the catalyst triggering potential reversal in the forex market.

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Kickers: This is a multiple candle pattern that can have both bullish and bearish patterns. In this day, two sees gap-up opening for the entity in case of a bullish kicker. The sellers are almost forced to cover shorts and make way for new traders with a long bias.

indicator- free strategy on daily charts

The bearish kicker is the complete reverse of the bullish indicator- free strategy on daily charts. Moving averages constitute one of the oldest type of forex market analysis using technical tools. Very commonly used by traders, it helps in reducing the noise in chart patterns and enables you to interpret real-time rates.

Indicators and Strategies

Moving averages are best known as indicators of the trend reversal and timing buying and selling of positions in the forex market using the daily charts. The day Moving Average is one of the most popular variants with a high degree of accuracy rate in identifying trends. It is also considered indicator- free strategy on daily charts the ideal measure of the health of the overall market based on the number of entities trading above this crucial mark.

This also is extensively used for identifying the support and resistance levels during a particular trading session using the daily charts.

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These also form the basis of long-term chart trends seen in the market. The other commonly used variant of a moving average is the Day Moving Average. This is a very important chart as it also acts as the dividing line between the healthy and unhealthy market entities.

Average directional index You can use your knowledge and risk appetite as a measure to decide which of these trading indicators best suit your strategy.

Higher the number of currencies trading above this crucial line, better the chances of an overall improvement in sentiment across forex market. The day moving average also acts as an important indicator of the entry and exit points in the market for forex traders.

It gives a fair idea about the kind of price range that one should enter to constructively add to profits and the price range where it is best for traders to exit to minimize the loss or preserve the existing profit levels: Day Moving Average 3. Bollinger Bands Bollinger Bands is the next key strategy on our radar.

Average Daily Range Indicator MT4 [OGT ADR Indicator v1.1]

It uses the daily charts to assess the volatility level of a specific currency pair that is under consideration. Volatility forms an important trading catalyst and a sudden change in it could have long-term implications on the trading positions.

Also, the volatility trends most times are also precursor of potential trend reversals in the market. The Bollinger Bands thus when placed above a daily price chart along with a moving average gives you a fair view of the pricing channels. What the Bollinger bands do is add bands over and under the basic moving average line to give shape to a certain limit or rate of upper and lower boundaries that then become strong measure of the overall market volatility: What Is Bollinger Bands Squeeze and How to Trade It?

It responds to indicator- free strategy on daily charts changes in the market rate and oscillates in tandem with this change in pricing.

indicator- free strategy on daily charts

Its key function includes a study of oversold and overbought market conditions in forex trade. A reading of 30 and below conveys oversold positions while that of 70 and above indicate overbought market position. This enables traders to identify potential rate changes and prepare for a reversal that is in the making:.

indicator- free strategy on daily charts