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The SU binary file requires an update. Can't update SU file?

[International] SuperSU Binary Won't Update blah blah blah

The site is in a hurry to help you in solving this problem! Very often lately, many users have a problem that appears after Root rights are received - this is not updated.

The material is not for beginners! Only for those who already know Android sections quite well, how to hide files on Android, knows about access rights to Android! Theory Although in fact all applications will work fine and without a forced update of Root so you can just relax and not pay attention. SuperSu allows applications to use Root rights even if the su binary file is not updated!

If this is not the case: Method 1 What are binary options strategies you cannot update su install recovery if not installed - K how to install recovery.

Now su binary file is updated!

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If you have not found Recovery for your device, then it will be a bit complicated Method 2 [This material assumes that you already know the Android file structure.

This method will help push through the update Download the Root Browser and Android Terminal app. Download the archive with the updatesu. Archive updatesu.

[2017] How To Fix: \

Thus, installing the program Super su, the user can most effectively control the functionality of a personal Android phone, customizing its functionality. The application allows the user to obtain temporary root rights to the phone temporary unrootwhich will allow you to configure the system, and after restarting the gadget, restore the previous mode of its operation.

The application has a simple and at the same time structured interface with a list of functions that introduces the user at once with all the available capabilities.

It supports not only the capabilities of a regular super root administrator, but is able to completely reset these root rights for some time, for example, if you need to update the Android version on your phone, and then you can restore them very easily.

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In this article I will consider a very common among users. Android error that occurs when running a program to control superuser access Supersu. As a rule, a collision with a similar happens after getting root-rights - the binary file just ceases to be updated. Unfortunately, the information I found on the network seemed very fragmented and chaotic and could not install the Su binary file, which is why I decided to systematize the attempts to solve this problem somehow.

As a matter of fact, the Su file is a fundamental component of the aforementioned root rights, so after it is deleted, you lose SuperUser rights.

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Despite the fact that SuperSu does not exclude the possibility of working on old versionif you leave it, then sooner or later you will almost certainly have problems with performing operations.

Therefore, all the same, let's install the binary Su file correctly! The first method is simple and frontal. If the classic update attempt failed, then first install Recovery. Reboot, during which really earn on the internet system along with the problem file must be updated.

But if the described method did not help to install the Su binary file or you could not find Recovery for your device, then the situation becomes unpleasant, but not deadly.

To begin, download the Root Browser and Android Terminal, as well as an archive with the updatesu. Since I am the proud owner of English android version then my instruction will be in English, but I believe that it is easy I can not update the supersu binary correlate with Russian.

So, for the file. For file. For file install-recovery.

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Then we set the rights for it as well: we put the checkmarks in the Read column opposite the Owner, in the Write column opposite the Owner, in the Execute column in front of all three. Set the rights again, now for the.

Also, Chainfire created a recovery flashable SuperSU.

After all these steps, I was able to install the Su binary file. If everything is done according to the instructions, then almost certainly it should work. Write questions and your decisions in the comments, we will help each other together! In contact with This problem is periodically encountered by Android users with the obtained root-rights.

Some time both methods works but if you are a quite unlucky one or maybe both will not work. What is Superuser or SU?

Sometimes, entering the SuperSu program, an error occurs on the device screen when launching or installing the SU binary file. Today we will try to help eliminate this error. The SU binary file is the most important component of root-rights. If the SU binary file is outdated I can not update the supersu binary completely I can not update the supersu binary, then overnight you will not be able to access Superuser Rights.

Please note that I can not update the supersu binary all the action, you take all the responsibility for the performance of your Android device on yourself. Ways to resolve the error Method 1 When installing a binary file, the SU system asks if you want to install it - normally or through Recovery. Wait until the end of the operation.

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Method 2 If the first method did not bring results, then this method can help to cope with the problem, however, it is somewhat more complicated than the first. Please note that all steps must be performed as carefully as possible, because one wrong action may not only fail to fix the problem, but also lead to incorrect operation of the device. For each file inserted into the etc folder, you must set permissions. To do this, select each file individually, select "Permissions" and then tick the required checkboxes: File.

Set file ".

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We are almost there. Run superSu again and at the question on how to install the SU binary file, click "Fine". The wide distribution of the software platform Android, which manages a large number of various devices - smartphones, tablet PCs, media players, etc.

Ruth rights To make serious manipulations with the software part of the "Android" -apparatus, the user will need superuser rights, as well as software which will allow you to manage root-rights. One of the most popular superuser rights management solutions is superSU application. It is worth noting that the utility remarkably performs the functionality assigned to it, but sometimes causes problems, the most common of which is the inability to update the SU binary file.

Let's take a closer look at the application itself, and also try to figure out: if the binary SU file requires an update, what should be done in this case?

How To Update Supersu Binary Manually

In addition, many custom firmware developers add an already installed SuperSU to their solutions. If root-rights are obtained, and the application for binary option ladder them is missing, you can download and install SuperSU from Google Play Market. SuperSU update Regardless of the way SuperSU was obtained and installed, after its first launch, the user in most cases receives a notification: "The binary SU file requires updating.

But it is still advisable to follow the recommendations of the developers and follow the procedures as prompted by the program when the SU binary file requires an update. Emerging issues It would seem that when using the program for managing root-rights, the user should have no difficulty. What could be simpler: when the binary SU file requires an update, update it in three simple steps and continue to enjoy all the benefits that gives full access to the software of the device. But, as in many cases with other applications, the smooth operation of SuperSU, unfortunately, is not guaranteed.

Very often the following situation occurs. After the user receives notifications from the program "binary SU file requires updating", he tries to carry out the procedure in accordance with the prompts on the screen.

How to Update SU Binary Manually on Android Smartphone

The procedure is not always successful. Often, after the device is rebooted, an error message is observed: "The binary SU file needs to be updated, the installation failed. Solution to the problem There are several ways to prevent the above error.

The second thing that the user should remember is the attentiveness and slowness during the update procedure. When you receive a notification that the binary SU file requires an update, you must first try to update it in normal mode.

Super su asks to update binary file. SuperSu - could not install binary Su

Then wait for downloading the necessary data from the Global Network and the end of the manipulation by the application itself, and after that - exit SuperSU and reboot the device. To forget about the problems with SuperSU, download the zip-package containing the application files from the Network and install the file through the custom recovery.

This cardinal method of solving the issue helps in most cases.