How to make money new technologies

Any intrepid investors who are unafraid to get ahead of the curve — even when it throws you one — take note.

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Mind-controlled computers I know what you are thinking — because our brains are linked to a communal computer. So-called brain-computer interfaces allow computers to receive directions from thoughts alone via wearable sensors — a technology that could how to make money new technologies health care and the medical device industry.

how to make money new technologies

Direct brain implants — another neuroscience advancement —have restored partial sight in people who have none. Before long, the report suggests, it will be common for disabled people to control a wheelchair or a robotic prosthetic with their brain waves alone.

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Getty Images 2. Much of the focus is on more fuel-efficient engines, but manufacturers are also weight-conscious: lighter vehicles use less fuel. Manufacturers are looking to carbon fiber as a solution.

how to make money new technologies

Light enough to boost fuel economy significantly and strong enough to protect passengers, carbon fiber is viewed by some observers, including the authors of the World Economic Forum report, as the future of global vehicle production. The drawback to carbon fiber is cost — 10 times or more that of steel — but growing demand for carbon fiber will continue to bring down its price.

BMW is making a big bet on the composite, and this could pave the road for other manufacturers. Smarter drugs Conventional drug therapies have limitations. To break through, the medical industry is devoting time and money to cellular biology and developing treatments that effectively shut down genes tied to life-threatening diseases and genetic disorders.

how to make money new technologies

A key to unlocking this pathway involves ribonucleic acid, or RNA, a molecule that plays a crucial role in regulating cellular function. RNA-based drugs have the potential to prevent diseases from spreading through a body, or an entire population.

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Shutterstock 4. Clean-energy storage Managing electric power grids is relatively straightforward.

how to make money new technologies

Power stations deliver electricity to match demand. Among them: storage batteries, underground storage and chemical processes using water.

how to make money new technologies