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The power of the Russian spirit: they went unarmed on machine guns and won 22 September How often have you heard the words "forgotten feat"? What impression did they make? It would seem that in our days - everything, or almost everything about the Great Patriotic War should be known.

Yes, there may be various interpretations of events how to make money for Tsarikhin yourself heated discussion topics. Degradation may occur historical memory.

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But that is another question. But so that the heroic event was "forgotten. That it lasted from the Soviet era, with its cult attitude to the war. The feat, which will be discussed - is not a strange plot of the early transfer, revealing the next "sensation".

This is a fact from the history of the defense of Odessa.

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Fighting Odessa It was August of the year. The first, the hardest for our people, the months of the Great Patriotic War.

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On August 1, the enemy managed to break through the southern front and the 4-I Romanian army, dedicated to the capture of Odessa, reached the distant approaches to the city. Under these conditions, 5 August began the defense of the "pearl of the sea.

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The main burden of the fighting lay on the part of the Maritime Army. A deep system of defensive lines was quickly prepared in its rear, the front line of which, to protect the city and the port from enemy artillery fire, passed km from the outskirts of Odessa.

On the same day, the front of the Maritime Army was divided into three sectors of defense - east, west and south. Such a decision was understandable, because in the circumstances, only the fleet could provide fire support and supply ammunition, and reinforcements to the besieged units. Only by sea was it possible to evacuate the wounded and the civilian population.

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Now all the responsibility for the further leadership of the defense fell on the Black Sea Fleet. At the same time, the enemy regrouped its forces. Marshal and Conductor Leader of Romania Antonescu demanded that his officers take the strategically important point as soon as possible and set the official date for the seizure of Odessa on August 23 even a military parade was planned. On August 20, pulling up reserves and having a 6-fold advantage in personnel, a 5-fold advantage in artillery, a significant superiority in tanks and planes, the enemy went on the offensive in all 3 sectors of the city's defense at once.

Heavy battles were fought these days by parts of the Eastern Sector right flank defense. The enemy threw into the battle on this narrow sector of the front over 50 thousands of soldiers and officers.

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Since 22 August attacks have not stopped here even at night. So for the defenders came the most critical period of defense of Odessa - the struggle for the closest approaches to the city.

The power of the Russian spirit: they went unarmed on machine guns and won

It was built at the beginning of the s according to the project of a prominent military engineer D. On the coastal battery, three mm guns were installed, with circular shelling that could hit the target at a distance of up to 40 kilometers. A good disguise made invisible even from the Odessa-Nikolaev highway that runs nearby.

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Its powerful fire support was crucial for the entire sector. However, intended to hit long-range targets and low-vulnerability in air strikes, the battery was almost defenseless against the enemy, who was close to combat calculations.

And if at the critical moment something had prevented it from failing, the enemy could, having taken possession of the guns ofsend them to Odessa. Breakthrough in the Eastern Sector During their offensive on August 23, the Romanians decided to seize the battery at any cost in order to use it to attack the airfield, port and fairway. The implementation of this plan would mean the death of the besieged city. Having a great advantage in manpower, the Romanians, supported by the German units of machine gunners in our combat reports appear as "iron crosses" stubbornly rushed to the sea, to the battery.

Strengthening his infantry with tanks and cavalry, the enemy continuously attacked the positions of the legendary marines of the 1 Marine Regiment Ya. Ignoring the losses, the enemy succeeded, pushing the thinned out parts of the 1 regiment of the marines and the 54 rifle regiments. Small groups of enemy machine gunners penetrated the junction of two regiments, and entrenched at the turn of kilometers from the th battery.

Soon the Romanians began to surround Chebanka, the coastal battery, and entered the Nikolayevskaya road, where there was no prepared defense in the direction of Odessa.

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Here the enemy stopped, waiting for the approach of its military equipment and artillery, accumulating forces to capture the battery and further breakthrough to the city. Marching company Communication with the battery was interrupted, but, according to the sailors' 1 regiment, there was a battle around it, which means the battery is still alive.

The situation was critical and at the headquarters of the Odessa Defense Region they understood that it was necessary to act quickly.

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Head of the Eastern Sector Kombrigu S. Monakhov did not have enough of his own forces to knock out machine gunners who had leaked into the joint between the regiments. He asked for help, but there was no free reserves at the disposal of the headquarters.

At this time, the commander of the troops defensive area G.

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Zhukov was told that in the 2 sea regiment at that time, the reserve connection there were two newly-arrived marching companies, but they were not armed. According to the commissar of the battalion, to which both companies came, S. Bondarenko, all people were miners from Donbass. They rushed into battle, but there was nothing to arm them with.

Rear Admiral Zhukov clarified how they owned a grenade. From the words of the battalion commander: they were throwing a blank, but no one else took a real grenade in their hands, but the majority knew the device and its treatment.


Azarov, realizing that there was no other way out, the commander decided to send miners from the 2 Marine Regiment to the front line, and ordered Commissioner S.

Bondarenko prepare them for battle. In an hour, after the miners, the vehicles should arrive for the transfer of the group to the Eastern Sector to help the commander of the 1 maritime officer Yakov Osipov.

Each fighter how to make money for Tsarikhin yourself have at least five grenades.

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Azarov wanted to personally prepare the miners for battle. But Commissioner Bondarenko objected, insisting that in the 2 regiment they would "cope with this task themselves", since "miners are good people". Rear Admiral G.

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Zhukov angrily demanded that Brigadier Commissioner Azarov remain at headquarters: "It was not enough for a member of the Military Council to replace the battalion commissar or political officer of the company!

His story is quoted in the memoirs of I. Explained the task. They said: you need to save the coastal battery. Do you understand?

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Then they gathered everyone. It was about the same. Someone hesitantly said: - Without a weapon to fight - it's like that into the mine without a jackhammer They were sent hastily written letters, asked to write down the addresses of relatives.

At the request of the miners, they gave out vests to everyone, except for the grenades, they were given sapper shovels. The commander of the detachment was appointed Senior Lieutenant Silin, political commissar - I. The soldiers were going to their full height, in waves.

They walked They were let in closer. And then immediately heavy and anti-tank guns, four millimeter mortars.

They rumbled 21 minute. The enemy could not stand the fire, ran.

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There are more bodies left on the battlefield. The enemy group is pressed to the shore. There are prisoners. The enemy tried to expand the breakthrough in internet earnings without costs junction, where machine gunners had leaked.

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How to make money for Tsarikhin yourself company moving in with a mortar squad was greeted by miners with grenades. They saved the day.

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When he fell, confusion occurred. But he got up and ran again. The second time he fell - and did not get up.