How to make money fast from scratch for a beginner

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You can actually make money while learning to code. How to Start Learning to Code Before you can start making money coding, you need to begin learning to code!

But we do see success stories everywhere. But they all begun somewhere, right? They all had started with the same clueless expression on their face when they first opened a WordPress admin panel.

They organize their curriculum in an easy-to-grasp manner and break everything up into challenges. It feels like a game and the structure provides a clear path to the end goal of a certificate. Usually, the free pieces give you an introduction.

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The advantage to a paid course is that it will go into more depth. They will take you beyond the beginner level and help you advance more quickly.

Other paid platforms that offer more advanced coding courses include CourseraedXMammoth Interactiveand Udacity.

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Read more about the 10 best Coursera coding courses for aspiring programmers here. Learning to code is tough and the best way to overcome challenges is with the support of others. Knowing people who are facing the same struggles or have already worked through them makes it x easier for you.

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Find a few people or a group with whom you can connect. Chingu is one of my favorite online communities. After taking a placement survey, you join an online cohort of people at a similar skill level. Thanks to joining this group, I made new friendships with people who held me accountable on my journey.

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We built projects together and grew together. Even today, I still keep in contact with some of them.

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Many online coding courses and bootcamps also have their own private communities you can join. Launch Schoolfor example, is an online developer bootcamp that gives its students access to a community forum where they share studying tips, help each other with problems and talk code.

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Meetup is a great place to start for in-person groups. Some are location-specific too.

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It might also help you earn money programming for connections you make through these groups. They could pass the details on to you!

Here are a few to help get you started:.