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Russian Dacha Walkaround - Русская Дача Прогулка

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In the city, snow is already gone.

Russians make a dash for the dacha during coronavirus lockdowns

Watching bright sunshine of coming spring and wet bare soil of the lawns, many how to make money at dacha of Russian cities and smaller towns begin to prepare for the new dacha season Oh, dacha!

The part of lifestyle, favorite hobby for many tens of millions; more than just hobby, almost occupation for millions, recreation and country-wide vegetable and friut garden.

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In the country where so many people consider themselves poor and are so considered by foreigners, there are tens of millions of landowners, and the patches of their land are usually not all that small. Let's open the door in the fence and enter the dacha land This is what you see coming to the small gate to our dacha.

Dacha house is one of 60 that form the small dacha village with three streets located between the small forest and a large field 10 miles from Moscow city limit The house itself is small and does not look impressive.

Some grow a few beets and potatoes on allotments with one-room shacks. Others watch as their gardeners tend lines of perfect flowers, vegetables and fruit in the huge gardens of their weekend palaces. But whatever the size of the house, it is always called a dacha, Russian for 'cottage'. In the Soviet era, official organisations such as labour unions and military units owned land for members and their families to build their dachas. Needless to say, the best ones went to senior party members, who made entertaining into a political activity.

But it's cozy. It sits in the middle of well tended garden.

Make a dash for a dacha

Masha's Mom takes care of the how to make money at dacha In the Soviet time, one of the most important duties of trade unions was to obtain the land for the dachas and distribute it among the members of the union.

Since everyone then was a member of one or another trade union, everyone had a chance to get the land Of course there were differences.

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Of course there were very special dachas for party functionaries. Small luxury palaces rather than dachas for very few.

Employees at Financially Reeling Dacha Say Automatic ‘Gratuity’ Charges Go to Owners

But here we will tell you about regular dachas, those that were given to people to let them grow food. Collective farms were unable to produce enough, and the money for importing food was sufficient to only buy the grain.

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The result was an official policy saying that citizens of then USSR were supposed to grow a lot themselves. Dachas were formed as cooperatives supervised by trade unions and the by-laws of these cooperatives were strict enough.

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First of all, the land technically of course did not belong to the members of those cooperatives, all land was state federal property at those times. It was leased to trade unions and could not be sold. Another serious restriction was that the usage of this land had to be limited to growing things.

One simply could not make a lawn on his or her land and enjoy the grass That would be illegal and immediately would trading with options in kicking the person out from the dacha cooperative and replacing him with a more devoted "weekend farmer".

Not more than one dacha per family was allowed.

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The typical size of land given by the state to a family varied from 4 to 12 "sotok", 6 and 8 being the most common not surprising, now a popular newspaper for dacha owners is titled "6 Sotok" and everyone perfectly understands what do they mean by that.

You may have already read our February story about Katyaan artist and kayaker. Her dacha with its wall made of glass looks slightly unusual among the snows of Russian winter.

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Other dacha houses are seen in the background. And traditionally most of the dachas were distributed by the trade union organizations at the major industrial enterprises. Therefore in many cities the figures are even higher. Majority of dacha owners were workers, according to the party policy.

Dacha expanded from a once-scrappy beer garden in Shaw to the massive Navy Yard complex in May. Washingtonian kept the names of workers anonymous to protect their identities. Using service charges is a legal practice, but Dacha employees told Washingtonian the owners promised a robust hourly wage plus tips. The episode also seemed to show how business would go if D. If the allegations are true, I hope DachaDC will shut down both locations, and the owners will never be able to open a hospitality business again.