How to make money and start your own business

Savings Most startup founders use their personal savings to fund their businesses, according to Forbes. Entrepreneurs should set aside enough living expenses for for rent and groceries, for example to last them for a year.

Generating Business Ideas

Smaller, service-based businesses can probably get away with three to six months of operating expenses, according to FreshBooks. The SBA has a number of tips for saving up to start your small business, including: Decrease credit card debt.

how to make money and start your own business

Call your bank to request a lower interest rate. Set up an automatic deduction to your savings account. Set up a budget using a service like You Need a Budget. Buy used.

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This includes your car and any other purchases. Look for Facebook groups in your area focused on trading or selling used items. Personal Loans This tactic involves borrowing money from family and friends.

how to make money and start your own business

To avoid hurt feelings, put the terms of the personal loan in writing. Credit Cards You can either use your affiliate program of binary options with a website credit card or open a business credit card.

Credit cards often have high interest rates that increase your balance monthly. You could end up with a debt balance much higher than you planned for, which could cripple your new business. Still confident credit cards are the best route for you?

22 Online Business Ideas You Can Start Tomorrow

Research Credit. Bank Loans Unfortunately, a small business bank loan is not guaranteed. To improve your chances of getting a loan, choose an SBA-guaranteed lender. Venture Capital and Angel Investors Venture capital and angel investing is best suited to high-growth companies or companies that are already profitable with good cash flow.

Still, each investor has his or her own specialty in terms of region, industry and company age. Investments are typically made over a three year period. SBIC investments comes in three forms: Loans. Interest rates are 9 to 16 percent.

how to make money and start your own business

SBIC will give you money for your business for a share of ownership and control. Loan and Equity. A combination of the first two options. Government Programs Government grants can require some research to find the right one for you. Thankfully, the SBA has offices all over the United States that can coach you on available grants, plus provide business consulting and training. There are also small business grants available to entrepreneurs facing unique barriers.

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Minorities-owned businesses can check this SBA site that connects them to funding. Corporate Programs Select corporations offer programs that support small businesses, including low-interest financing.

HIGH PAYING Business Ideas that ANYONE Can Start

For example, Goldman Sachs has a program that gives affordable loans to businesses who might not qualify at traditional credit sources. Crowdfunding and Crowdlending Crowdfunding usually involves asking large groups of people for funds on dedicated crowdfunding websites. Crowdlending functions much the same way except that your funders expect you to pay them back.

how to make money and start your own business

Here are some options: Kickstarter : the most popular choice. You add project details, your funding goal and deadline.

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You can then email family how to make money and start your own business friends with your page link. Payments to you are made via credit card.

50 Small Businesses You Can Start on Your Own

Indiegogo : an alternative to Kickstarter. AngelList : matches you angel investors. Kiva Zip : ask for small loans with zero-percent interest. Accion : loans usually have an 11 to 16 percent interest rate, plus additional costs.

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