How to make lego money

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Explore 7 common architectural styles with photos of amazing LEGO creations, a brief history how to make lego money each style, and follow clear instructions to build your own models using common LEGO bricks!

Learn more at brickarchitect. This series of articles explores the practical economics of buying, sorting and selling bulk Lego. I will help assess what it takes to make real money by describing my own experience buying a large used Lego collection on Craigslist for a discounted price, figuring out what sets I had, sorting the bricks back into the original sets, acquiring the missing pieces and reselling for a profit.

How to Make Money with LEGO Brick by Brick

The value of three Winter-themed Lego sets over time. Charts from brickpicker.

how to make lego money

Before I go deeper into the details of my project, I should point out that investing in Lego can be a big business for some folks. On that site, you can see the current value of any Lego set based on Ebay and other sources.

Make lots of money by buying and reselling used LEGO!

It also allows you to record how to make lego money track the value of your portfolio of Lego sets as if it were a stock market. A couple ways to make money selling Lego: Most people invest in unopened Lego sets, hoping to sell them in a couple years when they are no longer available for a healthy profit.

Some folks try to find sets at a discount and resell them immediately for a profit. Others buy used Lego bricks and sets and try to sell for a profit.

how to make lego money

This is the focus of this article. What is Lego worth? Before you buy anything, you need a basic knowledge about how much used Lego is worth.

How to Make a Lego Money Holder

If the bricks are sorted by color or include lots of desirable pieces, they are worth more. The value of Lego Minifigures varies greatly. Selling individual used bricks on a site like bricklink. Based on these factors, I decided that buying a used collection containing older sets which I can sort into complete sets would be the best approach for me, especially if I could get it for a really low price.

My goal was to buy a collection containing many sets which I could sort out and sell for a profit.

Lego Money Bank

I also hoped that the collection would include some themes which interest me. How much is this worth?

Buy for others

A recent craigslist posting I saw. Buying a profitable collection: I looked at dozens of used Lego collections on Craigslist listings before I made my first big purchase.

I am trying to determine if there are some nearly complete sets that are just missing instructions or not.

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Obviously everything is broken down into 1 pile. Ie, they are not separated by set into ziplocks etc.

how to make lego money

At the very least, I could resell the Imperial Star Destroyer to recoup my costs. I made arrangements to buy the collection, and was blown away by the two massive Rubbermaid bins which they game me.

Buy for others

Be patient. People sell used Lego collections every day. You need to find a great deal if you want to make any money. Ask questions.

how to make lego money

You can always ask for a lower price too, although be sure to close on a how to make lego money before you make arrangements to see or buy the collection. Follow your interests. You are going to be spending a lot of time with these bricks, so it would be nice if the collection includes some sets that you are excited to build. You will need a way to sort and store a lot of bricks.