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And what ivangai do it your way Ivangai's page on the VK social network has more than one million subscribers, which, you see, is a lot.

Personal life

Hello everyone, dear readers of YouTube Start magazine. I continue to examine under the microscope various accounts of popular video bloggers on social networks.

The whole truth about the popular videoblogger! How is Ivangai related to butter? YouTube - megapopular video hosting on whichAny registered user can post their video.

Well, there was already Instagram, now the next in line is the VK social network. And the first video blogger whose account and official page group we will consider will be one of the most famous bloggers - Ivangai.

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VK, in my opinion, is a more friendly and understandable social network for the Russian user. So, I will not torment you and move on to interesting how much money does Iwangai make, let's go.

Page First of all, we will clean up Ivangai's VK page of course, the page is real, here is the link. The first step is to take a screenshot.

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Here is the page. Well, now the facts themselves: First of all, I will say, probably I will not surprise anyone that Ivangai's VK page is verified.

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Fairly, why go to work if you make good money just by filming a video on YouTube; Now let's move on to the most interesting - to subscribers and friends. In total, Ivan Rudsky has more than a million subscribers on VK.

First problems

As you might have guessed, this is a very good result, even TV stars do not have that many; Ivan has few friends - only Among them there are many famous YouTube figures; What is remarkable in the brothers Ivangai is a popular video blogger with three million subscribers - Mr.

Lololoshka - Roman Filchenkov. Perhaps that's all about the page. We pass to the public dedicated to Ivnagai. Public Ivangai's public group on VK has about eight hundred thousand subscribers, which, it seems to me, is also not bad.

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After all, few people can get even to ten thousand, let alone eight hundred thousand subscribers. Large group, you will not say anything. In the public group various facts, pictures, drawings are published, and night chats are also periodically arranged.

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The internet is full of famous people. At the moment he is one of the most popular and fastest growing figures on YouTube.

Top Trending Apps

His channel has a huge audience mostly school-age children of 5 million subscribers. Ivan Rudskoy.

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EeOneGuy was born on a big church holiday - the Baptism of the Lord. In accordance with the gospel narrative, they decided to name the boy Ivan, since this was considered a good symbol.

Beautiful fairy tale for subscribers

Ivan Rudskoy has shown remarkable success since childhood. So, already at the age of three, he mastered the language at the spoken level, could calmly read books for children. Rudskoy owes these merits to his mother. It was she who persisted in his education.

The beginning of a career on YouTube

Father, too, did not stand aside. From childhood, he taught Ivan the simplest English words. At the age of five, Rudsky had two sisters - Dasha and Sonya. At the same age, the parents tried to send the guy to school, but were refused.

Childhood and youth

School years A year later, Ivan Rudskoy still went to the first call. He studied in an ordinary rural school, which had a little how much money does Iwangai make than a hundred people. There he spent 5 years studying from first to fifth grade.

When the guy was eleven years old, he went to the gymnasium. Opening opportunities were the reason for the transition.

The whole truth about why Ivangai and Mariana Ro parted

At first, Ivan Rudskoy was discouraged by the scale of the new educational institution. There were several times more people in the gymnasium than in the rural school. However, Ivan quickly got used to the new environment. Rudskoy had many friends and was an example for other students. The future video blogger studied "at eleven" "5" on a five-point system.