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Not Ksenia Sobchak. Last night, the year-old Russian socialite, journalist, opposition activist, and now politician appeared in New York City, in front how does ksenia sobchak make money a packed audience of students and assorted Russophiles at Columbia University.

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The reasons, it seemed, were many. Speaking in fluent English, she rolled off a list of observations and policy prescriptions that find a perfect home among coastal Americans: Russia should liberalize the resource curse-spoiled economy, she said. Institute rule of law.

The contradiction at the heart of Sobchak’s campaign

Erect walls between business and government. Welcome back foreign investors. Even recognize that Crimea belongs to Ukraine. Curled on a couch in just a bathrobe, while being made up for a final 11pm TV interview, she responded tersely to a question about how does ksenia sobchak make money the US so close to the Russian presidential elections.

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Why not garner votes at home first, then make the risky political overtures? But while Sobchak may claim to offer a voice to unhappy Russians everywhere, the truth is her liberal views are certain to alienate many voters.

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My voters, my core audience, are young people in Russia, so I actually do what I need to have their support. But this figure matters in her larger plan, the pallidly named Civic Initiative movement. A decent showing on March 18 would bring momentum, she hopes, to corall the opposition around the party in the parliamentary elections.

Putin has not yet officially announced his candidacy but is expected to stand and win easily. Sobchak described her entrance into the fray as a call to action, but it is seen by many as a Kremlin-backed spoiler move intended to provide a veneer of competition and legitimacy into the vote. The more radical opposition politician Alexei Navalny is likely to be kept off the ballot. In the s, Sobchak became a reality television presenter but, sinceshe has been active in politics, often criticising the authorities.

Getting people elected there would then give the opposition some influence over how the Kremlin decide who takes over the presidency inwhen Putin will be due to step aside. That year, Sobchak could run for election again, with a greater chance of winning. When I return to the question back at the Four Seasons, she acknowledges she needs a decent final turnout to create actual political influence in the long-term.

Познер - Гость Ксения Собчак. Выпуск от 29.01.2018

Its other leading figure, anti-corruption blogger Alexey Navalny, called for a boycott of the vote after he was barred from running.

The two have worked together for years, but carried out a public spat in recent months. What happens after the Russian elections?

Sobchak ambushed him with her iPhone.

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