Heartstone how to make money

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It is not a problem, period. Also, I don't have problem with giving money to Blizzard, because I really like this game if I want to have some extra cards without spending too much time.

If I can achieve something more with pre-orders, and I am willingly to give the my money, I don't have problem with option decay chart. The problem lies somewhere else. Blizzard lied to us about heartstone how to make money system.

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They hid amount of values of leveling up in new system, because what they said erlier, that we will get at least the same amount of gold for the same amount of time spending on play, turned out to be a blatant lie. I like achievements and many other thing in this new system, but amount of prizes received from play is so low compared to old system.

Not all things are bad, but lie is a lie, and it's very unethical.

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So from now, I have a problem with giving my money to Blizzard, if the new system will be fixed. And I'm not lying. Totally agree with you.

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I have zero issue buying Blizzard product, but this new system turned out to be an outright lie. I'm at the point now that even with the tavern pass, it's gonna be a slog to level after Solem, at the risk of losing the freebies Blizzard likes to give content creators, just did a video on how bad this new system really is and what they can do to fix it.

Zeddy is a another content creator who is blowing the whistle on Blizzard as well.

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Solem's video is so well explained, he actually has me thinking this might be my last expansion for the game without major revisions to the crafting and reward systems. At least when I played MtG, my cards had physical value.