Guessing an option. 8 Rules for Intelligent Guessing in Defence Entrance Exams

Be it the nervousness or the confusing options, you will tend to get confused and GUESS your way through it.

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So, should you really be guessing answers in CAT? Especially with the questions which have very high difficulty level, it is best to not answer them in case you are in doubt.

The chances of losing a mark and lowering your raw score which ultimately dips your percentile is more if you guess most of the answers.

View Larger Image Ever got stuck on multiple-choice questions in a test where you were not certain about the answer?

The better guessing an option of it is that non-MCQs have no negative marking. So the best you can do after answering all the non-MCQs you are sure of is to guess and write what you think is the most appropriate answer.

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Out of the questions, your best bet is to attempt all the 25 non-MCQs. These could be score boosters because there is no scope of losing any mark even if you go wrong. Coming to the 75 MCQs, it is extremely important that you first answer those questions thoroughly which you are sure of.

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After that, if time permits, you can attempt to make a few educated guesses here or there depending on the question and the options you see.

The breakup of the questions is given below: What are the Different Types of Guesses Random Guess guessing an option Think of guessing an option lucky number or a pattern in mind and blindly select options. While guessing is best avoided, remember and use these rules after attempting questions you are confident about: With the kind of scoring pattern and difficulty level of the CATthere is absolutely no point randomly guessing answers.

How to guess MCQ Questions correctly - 7 Advanced Tips

Since there is no negative marking make sure you attempt all the non-MCQs. This should be the last resort.

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Try to choose easy question s and read it carefully. Then read the options given and eliminate the less likely answers first.

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Analyze the remaining guessing an option and guess the correct answer. Related Articles.

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