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Get Started with Salesforce Supported Languages Salesforce offers three levels of language support: fully supported languages, end-user languages, and platform-only languages. For fully supported languages, all Salesforce features and UI text appear in the chosen language.

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A two-character language code identifies each language, such as en. A five-character locale code is used for languages that differ depending on the location.

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In addition to the Salesforce language support, you can localize your org. One option is to use the Translation Greek options ro to translate your text customizations and override labels and translations from managed packages.

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You can translate everything from custom picklist values to custom fields so that your global users can use Salesforce in their language. Another option is to rename tabs and fields in Salesforce. If your custom application uses only a few standard Salesforce tabs and fields, you can translate them.

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Fully Supported Languages You can change the language for all features, including Help, to one of the following fully supported languages from the Setup page. In the Default language field, select your desired language and click Save.

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Note Setting a default language is different from setting a default locale.