Genesis matrix strategy for binary options

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But often I wonder: if I would find a near flawless strategy, would I stop and just trade it or would I try to find another one… one that could make me even more money, with even less stress. What is the Genesis and how to use it for Binary Options The core indicator of this strategy is the Genesis Matrix indicator. By now this is widely known among Forex traders and to get it you will have to visit Forex Factory and the original thread where the indicator was publicly shared.

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So go visit their thread. I am not going to talk about each one of them because that would take hours of reading probably and the idea of the Genesis indicator is to make things simpler, not to complicate them.

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So take a look at this picture: The Genesis matrix combines all genesis matrix strategy for binary options indicators I talked above and displays them in one window, making it easy for any trader to use them. W-hen the Genesis is all Red means that all 4 indicators are pointing down and the opposite is true for all Blue.

Ok, enough about the Genesis; for now you need to know that we will only trade when all four squares are the same color. Our next indicator is the XPMA and will be used to indicate trend direction.

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You also need the Stochastic to be crossed in your direction.