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The minute candlestick chart below shows a good example of this — of the U.

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Trading a gap fill can be rewarding; and many traders are discovering that binary options can be a useful tool when trading these gaps. This often leads to frustration when traders have their trades stopped out before enough time has passed to allow their targets to be reached.

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With binary options, on the other hand, you do not have to use a stop and can give your trade more breathing room to work. This is because with binaries, the risk is always limited and known in advance before the trade opens. We will look at a couple of examples of possible binary options that could be used to trade the gap fill on the chart above.

Tags: Gaps 5 min read Trading on financial markets is always accompanied by constant dynamics, and we may only attempt to account for it by conducting an in-depth analysis. If we assume that assets are available for trading round the clock and fundamental factors may affect them only during trading hours, we may expect the charts to be consistent. In reality, most of the assets close for weekends and fundamental factors may happen at any moment in time, thus occasionally resulting in gaps.

These are illustrative examples only, not trade recommendations. EST Monday, and now trading around the In that case, the daily If you prefer to have more time on your side, then as an alternative you could sell the weekly If, on the other hand, you believe that the gap will hold, you could buy either of these options instead of selling them, looking for the market to close above the strikes at expiration.

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Currently, they may be bought as deep in-the-money options; or you could wait until the gap fills and buy nearer to the money at that time, which would allow a better risk to reward ratio with a more directional view. These are just examples of ways to potentially trade this market and are not intended gaps in binary options be recommendations of any specific market view.

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