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Email Fallout 4 is a Bethesda game, and that means it has an interesting and complicated in-game economy.

A Fallout 4 guide to getting rich, getting high, and blowing everything up (without cheating)

Your vault survivor can scavenge for numerous resources — some common, and some scarce — which you can use to craft upgrades for your settlements and modifications for your weapons and armor. The game also includes a number of weapons like the Gamma Gun, the Missile Launcher and the Cryolator, which are devastating, but which require ammunition that is extremely scarce.

And finally, your power armor gives you extremely powerful defenses and augmented stats, but it runs on rare fusion cores which you must scavenge in the world.

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The problem is that, unless you cheatthose goodies tend to be prohibitively priced. This is your guide to building your character and your settlements in order to fix this situation. Building your settlements The amount of caps you can accrue from looting enemies and doing quests will never be sufficient to fund your bottomless need for salvage, bullets and stimpacks.

Fortunately, shopkeepers in Fallout take trade. Your objective is to get the vendors to swap you their precious treasures for something that is extremely common and renewable.

Something like the crops you can grow at your settlements.


So, I want to say one word to you. Just one word. Are you listening?

Mutfruit is the most lucrative crop you can grow. As a result, tatos and corn might be a little quicker to harvest, but corn is worth only two-thirds as much and tatos will fill up your inventory space very quickly. To do this, you need to provide enough water, beds and defense to keep a large population happy.

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Sleeping bags are the cheapest beds, and they take up the least space. Throw a bunch of them on the ground someplace. Scatter defense turrets around the perimeter of your settlement, throw down a few water pumps and get going. The Local Leader perk in the Charisma tree lets you to assign one settler from each settlement to form a supply line, which allows you to access your stash from all your workshops, making it much easier to build things at your settlements.

How to make money in Fallout 4

This is a perk worth taking, but you may prefer to invest the perk elsewhere and lug all your stuff around with you. I recommend arranging the mutfruit bushes in rows, so you can quickly harvest a lot of fruit by simply running in a straight line while hitting the button to interact with the bushes.

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The respawn timer for crops is very fast. I usually harvest my best five settlements, rest for 24 hours at the last stop, and then repeat.

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On PS4, it takes about 20 minutes to farm about fruit, but it may be faster on PC, especially if you have an SSD, since your load times will be shorter when fast-traveling among settlements.

The first thing you need to do is max out your Charisma. To do this, you need to have a baseline Charisma score of at least 6, since the Charisma stat both lowers the prices vendors charge for items and raises the prices they pay. If you have six in Charisma you can put on Black-Rim Glasses to raise your Charisma by a point, and a suit or a dress that raises it by two more.

Drinking a beer also temporarily increases your Charisma by one, which will bring you to There are eight issues of a perk magazine called Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor which you can hunt down in the Commonwealth, as well as a bobblehead that improves prices for both buying and selling by 5 percent each.

Some of the magazines are in dangerous places, but fallout4 how to make money fast should be able to go after all of them once you hit level 20 or so. Finally, you can use Grape Mentats, a powerful chem that increases your Charisma by 5 and improves barter prices by 10 percent.

The problem with the Mentats is that each one requires 2 Hubflowers, which, as far fallout4 how to make money fast I can tell, can only be found in the world and are on an extremely long respawn timer, making them impossible to farm efficiently in large quantities.

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Also, there seems to be a limit on how much the prices can be modified; With 10 Charisma, all fallout4 how to make money fast magazines, the Cap Collector perk and the bobblehead, a fusion core costs caps, and Grape Mentats only brings the price down by one cap, to With the talent, max charisma, and all the collectible bartering improvements, your crops will be worth about four times as much as they would be at baseline, relative to the modified cost of the goods.

For reference, I spent about 45 minutes harvesting crops to create an impressive screenshot of my character selling a huge amount of mutfruit for this article. You can see in the image that I am buying caps worth of goods from the gun vendor.

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This includes five fusion cores, a shipment of 50 aluminum, cryolator ammo, some gamma ammo, his full stock of. I had enough crops left over to buy all the grenades, gamma ammo and useful salvage at the junk vendor, all the blood packs on all the vendors in Diamond City, a shipment of cloth, a shipment of antiseptic and some chems. What to buy, and where to buy it There are several places with multiple shops close together, but I prefer the shops in Diamond City, because the doctor there sells a shipment of antiseptic, and the gun vendor sells a shipment of aluminum.

Also, you get 13 experience each time you craft a stimpack. However, the vendors usually carry about 10 stimpacks each, and only blood packs, so if you want to load up on a lot of stims quickly, you may just want to buy them ready-made. Both the gun vendor and the junk vendor sell fusion cores, and the gun vendor usually stocks 5 of them. Both vendors stock large amounts of various ammo types. The junk vendor also sells a lot of good salvage items that contain rare commodities like circuitry, aluminum, crystal, and nuclear material.

Be sure to drop junk on the ground from your inventory and scrap it yourself. It can waste materials if the workshop scraps it. Building a character who can take advantage of this wealth Intelligence and Charisma were a great way to go in Fallout 3when Intelligence opened up more dialog options while Charisma helped you pass the speech checks.

In Fallout 4, Intelligence only increases experience gains in combat and unlocks its perk tree, and no longer impacts conversations. While Charisma still influences speech checks, those checks seem less important in Fallout 4 than they were in previous games.

However, Intelligence has a lot of interesting perks that mesh well with our ability to obtain tons of materials and fallout4 how to make money fast cores. First of all, with high Intelligence, you can get the Science perk, which works with Gun Nut and Armorer to give you the best modifications for your weapons and armor, giving you access to damage-increasing receivers, barrels and stocks simplified work with binary options reviews improve your accuracy, and a range of customizable sights and scopes.

Perhaps the biggest payoff in the Intelligence perk tree is the Nuclear Physicist perk, which requires 9 Intelligence and can double the lifespan of your fusion cores. This allows Intelligence-based characters to use their power armor much more than other characters, and with your merchant bonuses fallout4 how to make money fast increasing your access to cores, you can use your armor pretty much all the time, if you want. Similarly, the Chemist perk gets you much more value from the chems you use, which works very well with your ability to buy all the chems you can swallow.

Good luck out there! Suiting up in upgraded fallout4 how to make money fast armor, getting twisted out of my mind on buffjet and psycho, and making everything explode. The ability to use power armor liberally also makes it a lot more palatable to consider raising the difficulty level to try to find more legendaries.

Happy hunting, and happy farming!

  • There are so many different things to buy using caps such as rare weaponsarmor, and ammo, among other important items.
  • With ammo to buy, resources to procure, and Legendary weapons like the Big Boy to purchase, you're gonna need a whole lot of caps to get the most out of your experience in the Commonwealth.
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