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Clearly, choosing options with higher overall utility values should make your stakeholders happier. If none of the Solution Options scores very well on overall utility, you may need to think about whether there is time to start over and consider a new set of options.

Alternatively, now that you have a good idea about what your stakeholders care about, it may be possible to modify one of the current options to make it more acceptable to stakeholders.

These scores are rescaled into the Importance Weights shown on the final results page.

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A bigger weight means stakeholders care more about the issue. It is worth checking that the Solution Option s you decide to adopt score s well on the criteria that have the highest weights.

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This ratio is the cost per unit of stakeholder satisfaction costs divided by utility value. A low cost-utility ratio indicates high return on investment because it means a Solution Option costs little per unit of stakeholder satisfaction.

While, in theory, you should choose the Solution Option with the lowest cost-utility ratio, there may be reasons not to.

This may be a one-step or multi-step process, depending on the complexity of the alternatives and the decision. The evaluation process may include refining alternatives to develop the final alternative or option.

One reason would be if the utility value is low, as explained above: paying very little does not help if no-one is going to be happy with the Solution Option chosen. Another reason could be that several options fit within your budget so you may decide to choose the one with the highest utility value knowing that you can afford it and make your stakeholders happier.

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Satisfied stakeholders are more likely to implement the chosen solution with care, which in turns means it is more likely to be successful in achieving your original goals. We recommend you share the result of the analysis with stakeholders before making a final decision.

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If stakeholders express dissatisfaction with the Solution Options that show the best results, ask them to think about whether they have other important considerations that they did not initially express. If they do, this may require identifying an additional evaluation criterion and re-evaluating the Solution Options against this new criterion to evaluate an option whether the overall results change.

If the issues they care about were already adequately captured in the Evaluation Criteria, it is likely that the options they favored did not perform well on some evaluation measures. Reviewing the results of the evaluation with them may help them understand the reasons some Solution Options did not fare well in the decision analysis.

As with any evaluation, the numerical results should be helpful in promoting discussions based on evidence, but should not make the decision for you. What if a reading program does not produce test score results as high as you expected?

What if the costs of implementing an option double next year?

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What if you conducted the analysis separately with teachers and administrators? Would the same Solution Option come out on top in each case or would different ones rise to the top?

Evaluate options

If evaluate an option same Solution Option performs best under different scenarios, you can be quite confident it is a good choice. If not, think carefully about how likely it is that circumstances change in a way that could lead to less-than-desirable outcomes. Evaluating Whether You Made a Good Decision At some point after you have implemented one or more Solution Options, revisit the evaluate an option to see whether, in practice, each option has performed as well as expected when it was first selected.

You can update the data in the evaluation measures and cost tables to see how the options rank now with up-to-date performance data. This will help you decide whether to continue with the same Solution Options going forward, or whether you might need to change focus.


It is also evaluate an option that stakeholders change over time or that new factors may need to be considered in the decision, for example, if a new regulation is imposed or if the composition of the student population changes. The analysis can be modified iteratively to ensure that you are continuously re-evaluating the options in light of changing conditions.

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A utility value of 0 would indicate that the Solution Option provides no stakeholder satisfaction while a value of 10 would indicate the perfect solution. Users indicate how well each Solution Option performs against each Evaluation Criterion and also how important each of these Evaluation Criteria is relative to the others.

Well done. A range of tools are available to support selection of options. Having selected appropriate options, guidance is provided for preparing a plan that suits the purposes of the organisation and stakeholders and is most likely to get support in implementation. All actions should be accompanied by indicators which can be monitored to assess performance, once actions are implemented. We provide a series of questions to support self-evaluation of adaptation plans.

We assume that utility increases or decreases in a straight line between the online earnings on execution and lowest likely values for each evaluation measure used.

Utility is hard to measure in practice but economists have developed sophisticated ways to calculate expected utility using a combination of decision-maker preferences and probabilities of outcomes.

How to evaluate and prioritise strategic options

Henry Levin, an economist of education, illustrated practical applications of utility analysis in education starting in The overall utility value earned by a Solution Option is binary options strategy for 4 hours sum of the utility scores it earns on each of the Evaluation Criteria Criterion-level unweighted utility values multiplied by the importance weights assigned by stakeholders to the criteria.

Example: Suppose you, as the principal of Everglades Elementary School, need to evaluate an option an educational strategy to help K-3 students improve reading comprehension. You are deliberating between two reading programs A and B. As a team, they develop a list of three Evaluation Criteria and assign Importance Scores to each of them.

How to Evaluate Options-based Strategies

Your AP helps evaluate an option identify an evaluation method for each Evaluation Criterion and collect data to evaluate an option how well Program A and Program B perform against it see table below. Criterion-Level Unweighted Utility Value Each measure you used in your evaluation is rescaled to convert your results to a common utility scale with a minimum of 0 and a maximum of The likely lowest score and the likely highest score you entered for each measure are used to set the extremes of the scale, and a straight line connects the two points.

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This assumes that utility changes in direct proportion to the changes in the evaluation measure. Clearly, you want fewer students to be below grade level in reading, so evaluate an option evaluation measure in this case is negatively associated with utility.

The likely lowest score is i.

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The likely highest score is 10 i. Lower scores are better. The likely lowest score of is assigned a utility value of 10 and the likely highest score of 10 is assigned a utility value of 0.