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His parents and grandparents were successful in the restaurant business. But, what he learned from them—about hard work and keeping a close eye on the books,— has served him well.

In some cases, buying new equipment may not be the best option; it may be wiser to lease or rent or to avoid acquiring machinery entirely. The right equipment can improve your processes, productivity, capacity to innovate and bottom line. But to get those results from a major capital investment, you need an investment plan that addresses both your short- and long-term needs. Assess your business reality It is important to understand your objectives.

Even though he was making good money as a union operator, Brown aspired to someday start his own business. It was something he knew he wanted to do, even as a kid.

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After finally earning his license, he bought a used backhoe from the foreman he was working for at the time. I turned that one backhoe into plus pieces of equipment in 13 years.

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In nearby Santa Maria, he won a bid to install utilities and finish grading for a home development. It was here that he learned of the bare-knuckled world of working for big developers; always angling to shave costs and bring in prices lower than the bid.

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He inherited some of that attitude from his father, who Brown says helped him develop the fortitude and mental habits to make good business decisions. When Andy was just 20, his dad ripped into him for missing an insurance payment on his truck.

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Finding the right clients Despite the hardball tactics of some developers, Brown soldiered on, and his reputation for quality work brought in better jobs.

Equipment that makes money, the clients are typically multi-millionaire businessmen and women — who expect every detail to be perfect.

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His employees can handle themselves equally well in the field, or in a meeting in a conference room. Andy and I are business owners with the same attitude, which is to over deliver every time.

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Here again, the company does not disappoint. He has good crews. They are very involved with the site.

All our stuff is cherry. We take good care of it.

Here are some interesting things to buy that will make you money. It requires knowledge, time, and possibly a significant amount of capital to invest upfront. Collectors and other investors are prepared to spend A LOT of money to get hold of original and rare artwork. And one day, it will be sold will most likely be re-auctioned and sold for even more. The personal story and historical events of the artist will also have a significant impact on the value of the artwork.

We take pride in equipment that makes money fleet. While many contractors grumble about the cost and complexity of the Tier 4 Final engines in new equipment, Brown takes a more balanced approach. You still need a grade checker, but your error factor comes down to almost nothing.

Translation is a fast-growing field with a projected growth rate of 18 percent by Most translators are self-employed and work remotely, from the comfort of home.

Looking back, I think it was the best thing we ever did; to forge in on the constantly changing technical world. If you want to stay on top, you have to keep pushing technology. The veterans make certain that the new hires know their limitations and how the jobsite works.

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Another reason Brown maintains a good safety record, is the quality of his workforce. And besides, you know how bosses are. They come out to the field for two hours, screw everything up, and leave.

And that required much more detailed daily reports, including analysis of fuel burn, equipment utilization reports, and labor analysis.