Earnings on networks

Prepared Remarks: Operator Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for standing by.

Prepared Remarks: Operator Welcome to the third-quarter Arista Networks financial results earnings conference call. I will now turn the call over to Mr. Curtis McKee, director of corporate and investor development. Sir, you may begin. Good afternoon, everyone, and thank you for joining us. With me on today's call are Jayshree Ullal, Arista Networks president and chief executive officer; and Ita Brennan, Arista's chief financial officer.

earnings on networks

This afternoon, Arista Networks issued a press release announcing the results for its fiscal third quarter ending September 30, If you would like a copy of the release, you can access it online at our website.

During the course of this conference call, Arista Networks management will make forward-looking statements, including those relating to our financial outlook for the fourth quarter of the fiscal year, longer-term financial outlooks for and beyond, our total addressable market and earnings on networks for addressing these market opportunities, the potential impact of COVID on our business, our product innovation and the benefits of recent acquisitions, which are subject to the risks and uncertainties that we discuss in detail in our documents filed with the SEC, specifically in our most recent Form Q and Form K, and which could cause actual results to differ materially from those anticipated by these statements.

earnings on networks

These forward-looking statements apply as of today, and you should not rely on them as representing our views in the future. We undertake no obligation to earnings on networks these statements after this earnings on networks. Also, please note that certain financial measures we use on this call are expressed on a non-GAAP basis and have been adjusted to exclude certain charges.

With that, I will turn the call over to Jayshree. Thank you, everyone, for joining us this afternoon for our third-quarter earnings call.

That along would be enough to boost spirits, but better yet, there is also a perception that the markets are going to drive higher in the new year. Their rock-bottom starting price makes pennies the logical place to look for huge returns on investment. Although their risk factor is high, even a small gain in absolute numbers will turn into a massive percentage gain in share price.

To start with, we all earnings on networks that you and your families are safe during the global pandemic. At Arista, we recognize our role and responsibility in supporting global communications and cloud infrastructure during these challenging times.

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We are working closely with our employees, supply chain, contract manufacturers, customers and Arista Foundation to assist in business continuity initiatives and people's lives.

Earnings on networks to Q3 Our non-GAAP gross margins were In Q3cloud titans was our largest vertical. The enterprise is once again consistently our second-largest performer followed by Tier 2 cloud service providers and financials tied for third place and service providers in fourth place.

What is clear is Arista's cloud principles now apply to all sectors, and we are diversifying well across customers and verticals.

earnings on networks

The European business recovered from Q2, and the Asia business has had a particularly strong quarter. The past decade can be best characterized by Arista's momentum in cloud networking.

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But in the past four quarters, we have experienced a tried storm of cloud titan volatility, COVID pandemic and deferred revenue-related comps.

Despite this tough reset year, we believe Arista will emerge earnings on networks, not only returning to double-digit growth inbut also aiming for consistent growth in the years beyond. Investment bitcoin at interest official website expect our multiyear growth cycle from three major product line contributors: one, our core cloud and data center products, our largest business, building upon our flagship Arista EOS with the hallmarks of leaf-spine topology across our five major verticals.

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Two, our second market is the network adjacencies with routing replacing routers and our recent entry into the Cognitive Campus workspaces. Earnings on networks routing market consists of core, earnings on networks, edge and peering use cases for Tier 1, 2, 3 service, cloud and enterprises. The campus brings a cognitive unified edge for wired and WiFi endpoints as well as new IoT devices in a two-tier leaf-spine or spline network.

We do expect to disrupt the campus and router incumbency of the last few decades in the next few years. Our third category is network software and services based on software subscription models, such as Arista A-Care, CloudVision, CloudEOS router for multi-cloud, big switch monitoring and our latest entry into advanced network detection and response with the acquisition of Awake Security.

Elaborating on our focus on subscription-based software, this product line is typically multiyear contracts.

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Customer are driving mandates for network automation, monitoring visibility across their dataset. We believe the recent acquisition of Awake Security is a strategic contributor that transforms the silo aspects of security into a seamless, secure network. Simply storing the raw data or alerts isn't comprehensible data. A new AI-driven, data-driven, state-driven software stack like Arista provides is foundational.

In our opinion, the security in the industry is going through a metamorphosis, from point security to proactive, predictive, secure networking.

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CloudVision, combined with Arista's acquisitions of big switch networks observability and Earnings on networks Security for autonomous spec hunting, are very natural software additions to this category. The Cognitive Campus is a priority for Arista's adjacent product line. We are witnessing a massive transition in the COVID era to work from home, but the boundary between the office, the home, the teleworker transit and the user is blurring into elastic and flexible workspaces.

Arista's recent introduction of the Cognitive Campus is a safe and data-driven model, coupled with a unified dashboard for wired and wireless edge for next-generation, zero-touch campus deployments.

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This, combined with the Awake network detection and response security, feeds into our campus visibility flow tracker for both IoT and OT application. We do expect our campus portfolio to double by the end of as we invest in both engineering and go-to-market models. A fitting example is today's announcement of our flagship Series campus chassis, delivering a combination of industry-leading chassis density, performance for high-definition video failover resilience for rolling upgrades, cognitive COE and secure encryption.

I would like to invite Andy Bechtolsheim, our founder and chief development officer, to highlight our launch today. We like markets that are right for real innovation, and the campus networking market is a prime example of that.

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With the launch of our Series modular chassis, we are introducing a next-generation platform that delivers more performance, more security, more visibility and more power capabilities than any other products in its class. The has gigabits per second uplink throughput, which is five times the performance of our nearest competitor. This level of performance is key to support WiFi 6 where each access point has up to 5 gigabits throughput.

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With a single chassis, we can support a full complement of WiFi 6 access points. In addition, the offers MACsec encryption on every port, which supports secure communication from the WiFi through the entire campus network. The also breaks new ground in density being 3U more compact than our closest competitor.

Combined with the legendary reliability of Arista's EOS offering system, the offers unmatched performance, security, availability, visibility and power handling. That was great.

MSG Networks (MSGN) Q1 Earnings Match Estimates

I'm excited I could use one at home. Next-generation routing is another key adjacent market for us lead by the bringing the union of two boss-level approaches, layer two switches and layer three routers together for rich protocol support, resiliency, scale and programmability.

This has been a four- to five-year endeavor for us to bring disruptive economics via advanced merchant silicon and Arista's modern software stack, EOS. We're starting to see the fruits of this labor.

earnings on networks

Arista customers now see us as a compelling and cloud -- and carrier- grade routing alternative to expensive legacy routers. We're extending beyond classical lease spine intra-DC use cases to multi-terabit routing offering lower-power and higher-density interconnect, accelerating WAN and inter-DC routing use cases. Our investments in the simplification of Arista's routing stack with standards-based EVP and BTP and segment routing are yielding early traction.

earnings on networks

We have won a few important Tier 2, Tier 3 service provider customers for many of these use cases, including fine interconnect, multi-access edge, layer two layer earnings on networks VPNs and pairing use cases. Our core universal cloud network design for data center continues to expand with Arista as the pioneer.

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We have been the market leader, driving to the No. We have been pushing beyond the local storage compute and AI clusters at cloud scale.

earnings on networks

This quarter, we delivered CloudVision managed in a time-series, state-driven database as a networkwide service hosted in the cloud. Clearly, their enabling cloud principals across the entire enterprise with five As of agility, availability, automation, analytics, and an AI and API-driven network.