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As an estate agent, Josh Day spends hours on his phone speaking to property buyers and sellers. Earnings on internet broadcasting more Day lives in Huddersfield and started livestreaming in August last year after stumbling across the app one evening.

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I screamed and ran to tell my mum! From there it just went from great to amazing. I never expected to make money from it. While he generously spends a chunk of his virtual currency on gifts for other broadcasters, he often cashes in.

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The extra income has helped him save for a deposit for a house. I also bought my girlfriend a Mulberry bag. But can it really prove to be a money-maker, too? For every Day there are thousands of others who come away empty-handed.

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For most it earn online time and effort and perhaps a flash of the flesh helps, too: a cursory tour around Live. But for those who can command huge audiences, perhaps livestreaming will be the latest internet moneyspinner earnings on internet broadcasting the rise of blogging and vlogging as professions over the past decade. Jacobs entertains her audience by livestreaming herself with exotic animals such as meerkats and crocodiles, and her own pets which include snakes and giant cockroaches.

The YouNow founder and chief executive, Adi Sideman, says that while anyone has the potential to earn money, streaming live means broadcasters have to engage with viewers. Platforms such as Facebook Live have seen police shootings and suicides played out earnings on internet broadcasting in front of viewerswhile there have been reports of paedophiles using livestreaming apps to groom children.

In August the Metropolitan police announced that a convicted paedophile from London who incited a young girl into sexual activity over Live. The platforms say they are geared up to tackle this.

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Photograph: Handout Jacobs is aware of the dangers of being an online personality. You have to keep people engaged and coming back to you.

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I could live off the money quite easily. Virtually coining it in So what are virtual gifts and how are they converted into cash? A number of livestreaming platforms use this model — for example, Live.

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When they pass certain thresholds the broadcasters are able to convert the diamonds into money. Rather, [the] company grants you a limited license to use the service, including software programs that may manifest themselves as these items.