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Those in higher-income households are different from other Americans in their tech ownership and use. Even among those who use the internet, the well off are more likely than those with less income to use technology.

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The differences among income cohorts apply to other technology as well The relatively well-to-do are also more likely than those in lesser-income households to own a variety of information and communications gear. Background of this analysis The findings in this report come from three surveys by the Pew Internet Project conducted in late and In each of those surveys, respondents were asked earnings internet methodology their household income fell into certain ranges.

As in Pew Internet surveys in the past, many respondents were willing to provide income ranges for their household.

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The analysis in this report covers the responses of those who did disclose their income. In many cases, the most noticeable difference in online engagement between various income groups relates to their intensity of use.

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Earnings internet methodology any given day, the internet users in the higher-income bracket are more likely than the internet users in lower-income brackets to be doing various online activities. Moreover, the more well-to-do internet users, on any given day are more likely get online news, conduct online research for a product or service, and go online to search for maps or directions.

Engagement with online commerce by the higher-income households Significantly earnings internet methodology higher-income Americans are conducting e-commerce activities than members of other income groups. In nearly all cases, the practical effect of the control factor was minor: That is, the control factor did not add major explanatory effect to the relationship that was not explained by income level.

Use of the internet in higher-income households

Use of internet Concerning the use of the internet, differences involving gender, race, and educational level had no practical impact on internet use by income level.

Those living in suburban and urban areas are slightly more likely to be internet users than their rural counterparts. There were also minor differences earnings internet methodology the age groupings, especially with Trailing Boomers ages and Matures ageswith larger percentages of these age groups using the internet when compared with those in the same age groups from lower-income households.

However, with both community type and earnings internet methodology, the differences were slight relative to what could be explained just by household income.

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Use of email We performed the same analysis for email usage. Again, most of these controlling factors were not substantial contributors to differences in whether someone was an email user or not.

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Gender, race, and educational level had no practical impact on email use. Those living in suburban and urban areas use email slightly more than their rural counterparts, although the differences were very slight.

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With age, we again found that there how to make bitcoin in a week minor differences among the age groupings, specifically with Gen X agesTrailing Boomers ages and Matures ageswith larger percentages of these age groupings in the higher-income using email than those in the same age groupings from lower-income households.

Again, the practical differences were slight indicating that age was not a major contributing factor. In fact, technology saturates the lives of affluent Americans.