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How will Fast Pay appear in my account? You will receive an email confirmation for each completed Fast Pay transaction, which will show the amount transferred to you via Fast Pay.

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Where is Fast Pay available? Fast Pay is available to all US Dashers. What do I need to sign up for Fast Pay?

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Unfortunately you cannot use a prepaid card at this time. I don't have access to Fast Pay right now.

DoorDash Instant Pay: What It Is and How It Works

You might not have Fast Pay just yet because: You do not have an active Dasher account. You have withholdings drawn from your account.

Follow Instant Cash Out is a feature in the Grubhub for Drivers app that allows you to cash out your available earnings directly into your bank account whenever you want.

You are not in a US market. I want to use Fast Pay, but I'm based in Canada. We apologize, but Fast Pay is only in the US currently.

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We will communicate when it's available in Canada. Yes, you can cash out at any time, up to once per day. You can expect to see them days later, just as you would a typical deposit.

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I just signed up for Fast Pay and want to cash out, but I can't. Why not? If you've just signed up for Fast Pay and added your debit card information, there is a 7-day processing period while we verify your account.

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After the 7th day, you can cash out with Fast Pay. For account protection purposes, you will not be able earnings fast pay use Fast Pay for 7 calendar days after any changes to your debit card information.

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What happened? Any weekly earnings not transferred via Fast Pay by Sunday at PM PST will be routed to your regular weekly payment, which you will receive through direct deposit business days later, just as you usually earnings fast pay.

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My Fast Pay amount doesn't match my total earnings? Your balance to cash out includes only completed dashes.

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Once you complete your dash, you should see your new total earnings. Can I cancel a transfer?

Your bank doesn't support instant payouts. See a partial list of these banks.

It's just not working. Also note that some banks limit debit card transfers per day for security reasons, so if you have a lot of transfers in one day, Fast Pay may not work.

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