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By Nikki Gilliland June 18th Trust and transparency are key components of brand success. However, in an era of fake news and fractured consumer behaviour, cynicism towards brands seems more intense than ever before.

earned on the internet for bmw

So, what can companies do in response? According to research by the Faculty of Behavioural Science of the University of Twente, consumers are far more positive about a brand and are more likely to promote it if they can participate in the creation of its products. Similarly, co-creation can also allow brands to appear more caring and conscientious, and more likely to work towards social good.

earned on the internet for bmw

Here are a few examples of co-creation in action, and more on how it has helped brands to earn that all-important consumer trust. This allows up-and-coming designers to submit their furniture designs, before Made.

This enables the brand to showcase products in the context of real life, inspiring new customers to buy as well as rewarding previous ones in the process. Here, the value lies in the community interaction created by the brand. Customers can directly impact production choices, but they can also support new designers as well as show off their own creativity — behaviours that are reactive rather than passively consuming marketing.

This also means that Made.

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Ideas asks Lego fans to post their own designs for new playsets, with the projects that receive over 10, votes then being considered for production. For Lego, the benefits include guaranteed positive feedback and the ability to see what kinds of products fans like and a continuous pool of fresh and creative ideas to draw from.

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  • This is far more than even Red Bull and Starbucks, as well as other car brands like Toyota and Ferrari.
  • The BMW Group recorded growth in deliveries, revenues and earnings in the third quarter and is therefore well on its way to achieving its targets for
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In turn, this helps to create additional value for consumers, for both those who submit ideas as well as fans who see an idea they have voted for come to fruition.

BMW is one automotive brand that has used co-creation to drive innovation. In doing so, this means that consumers are invested in the design process from start to finish, giving them a real incentive to find out more earned on the internet for bmw potentially purchase the final vehicle.

Interestingly, other companies are now taking this approach and making it their USP.

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Essentially, it allows for customisation of all its vehicles, with its online community allowing customers to submit designs and vote on vehicle components.

While this level of customisation might not always be viable, it shows how co-creation can help brands differentiate themselves, and offer consumers something that nobody else can.

We can't say it enough — our business would not exist without our earned on the internet for bmw members. Join our community, get involved, help us create magic. DHL, a division of mail and logistics services company Deutsche Post, shows that it can also help to improve overall services.

earned on the internet for bmw

The aim was to deliver packages to places with difficult terrains and in challenging weather conditions, as well as dramatically reduce the time it takes to do so. This proves the extent to which involving customers can generate positivity, and instil greater levels of trust in the long run.

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Determine value for consumers. In some cases, quote options might be direct input into a product they want to use. Elsewhere, it might simply be insight, the ability to interact with an online community, or to feel involved.

earned on the internet for bmw

Show the process. For example, confusing copy that suggests customers will have greater control or power than they actually do could end up negating and even damaging trust.

earned on the internet for bmw

Shape brand strategy. As the likes of Made.

These glad tidings share plenty of similarities: the winner is notified that he has won a handsome sum of money in a certain lottery and must contact a lottery official to receive it. Sounds tempting, but alas, this is nothing more than network fraud.

It can also be integrated into wider strategy and positioning. In other words, brands that promote a customer-centric approach in all aspects are more likely to generate trust.