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Will my children receive money from Social Security when I die?

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Answer: Maybe. It depends on how old your children are, and how long you've worked in a job where you've paid Social Security taxes. To be eligible for Social Security benefits when you die, your children must be age 18 or under 19 if still in high schooland unmarried.

His brother, who he was close to, got nothing. When you die without leaving a will, the law decides who gets what and how much. By leaving a will that says clearly who should get your property and money when you die, you can prevent unnecessary distress at an already difficult time for your family or friends. The law says that in this situation the children get everything. Dying without a valid will is called intestacy or dying intestate.

However, if an unmarried child is disabled and was disabled before age 22, he or she can qualify for benefits based on your record at any age; benefits for a disabled child may end, though, if your child marries or is no longer considered disabled. In addition, you must have earned the required number of Social Security credits generally 40, depending on your age at the time of your death.

Print icon Resize icon Everybody knows they should be saving for the future and investing their savings so the money grows into a plump nest egg in time for retirement. Likewise, we know we should have a rainy-day fund, too, even if millions of Americans who, either out of necessity or sheer carelessness, live paycheck to paycheck. First, it comes from somewhere usually your hard work.

You earn credits by working in a job where you pay Social Security taxes on your earnings. But under a special rule that applies to young workers, your children may be eligible for benefits if you earned at least six Die to make money Security credits in the three years just before your death.

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Because you can earn only four credits per year, you must have worked at least a year and a half to earn these six credits. Various factors will affect the amount of your child's benefit, including whether other family members are also receiving benefits on your earnings record.

You can find out more about what survivors benefits your child might receive if you die, based on your earnings record, by checking your Social Security Statement. To access your statement, sign up for a my SocialSecurity account at the Social Security Administration's website, www.

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If you're not registered for an online account and are not yet receiving benefits, you'll receive a statement in the mail every five years, from age 25 to age 60, and then annually thereafter. Important Note: Equitable believes that education is a key step toward addressing your financial goals, and this discussion serves simply as an informational and educational resource.

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die to make money

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die to make money

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What should I do next? Arranging a funeral — coronavirus advice There are specific guidelines around arranging a funeral during the coronavirus outbreak. You can find specific information on our page below: What do I need to do straight away? If someone dies at home and their death was expected Call the family doctor and nearest relative. If the death was expected, for example due to a terminal illness, in most instances the doctor will issue a medical certificate of the cause of death to allow the death to be registered at the Register Office.

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die to make money

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