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This book will be useful for beginners who want to learn more about web Analytics. The author Avinash Kaushik is an expert in web Analytics all over the world. In the book, he explains how to measure, analyze, and find solutions to complex problems, calculate the economic value of a site, and measure macro and microconversions.

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Site audit with your own hands Author : DrMax The book is a guide to self-audit of the site. A clear theory and practical examples will help you easily check your site for major technical errors and fix them.

The higher brightness is achieved in part by using x-ray target designs that comprise a number of microstructures of x-ray generating materials fabricated in close thermal contact with a substrate having high thermal conductivity. This allows for bombardment of the targets with higher electron density or higher energy electrons, which leads to greater x-ray flux. We present a micro-x-ray fluorescence XRF system having a high-brightness x-ray illumination system with high x-ray flux and high flux density. Such systems may be useful for a variety of applications, including mineralogy, trace element detection, structure and composition analysis, metrology, as well as forensic science and diagnostic systems.

How to get traffic and convert it to sales Authors The book provides specific recommendations on how to increase traffic and increase conversions. Search engine resources A lot of useful and important information can be gleaned just by reading the Help materials and blogs of search engines.

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Here are the ones that will be most useful for SEO specialists. Google Google's beginner's guide to search engine optimization is a guide for site owners and webmasters who are interested in learning how search engines work. Google help forum for webmasters — here you can ask questions and read expert answers on topics related to site scanning, indexing and ranking, as well as recommendations on security, the use of semantic markup, and much more.

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Recommendations for webmasters — this section contains recommendations for ensuring the quality of sites, lists prohibited actions that may result in sanctions. Search Console help center — this section provides a comprehensive guide to Google Search Console — a free service for webmasters.

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You can use it to find out how a resource is scanned by the Googlebot robot, find and fix errors, evaluate traffic from search, and much more. Google Strategy for binary options on rsi business help center - here novice specialists who plan to promote companies in local search will find information on working with the Google My business tool.

Google Analytics help center-a guide to setting up your account, resources, and reports to get data.

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Official Google Russia blog — news, ads and useful tips from the Google team Denis Builov make money on the Internet Russian. Think with Google — interesting cases, trends, ideas, analytical studies on Internet marketing. Yandex Recommendations for creating websites — tips for webmasters and site owners that help you understand how to make sure that resources are indexed and ranked correctly in Yandex.

Yandex blog — latest news about Yandex services and tools.

Yandex blog for webmasters-Yandex tool news. Webmaster, interesting cases and articles.

YouTube channel "creating and promoting websites" - here Yandex puts out useful videos, webinars, and conference reports that will be useful to all search engine optimizers. Each one lasts from 30 to 60 minutes. Metrica — service news and useful links.

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Here are some useful links. Ingate webinars — in this section you can find Denis Builov make money on the Internet of past webinars from Ingate experts and announcements of upcoming events.

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World-a course with simple and clear lectures on SEO for beginners. After watching the lectures, you can take the final test and see how well you have mastered the material.

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On the channel, you can find educational videos on SEO and interviews with experts. Website promotion — videos, webinars, and master classes from PromoPult.

Industry resources SEOnews is a daily updated industry Internet what is internet investment where you can find news, articles, case studies, interviews on search promotion and earnings on the Internet.

As first time home buyers Davin took the time to outline and prepare us through a few early and detailed consultations. Davin was really helpful in showing us the details we may overlook as new buyers, we feel we learned to look at homes in a whole new way.

SearchEngines is a website dedicated to search engines and the Internet marketing market. Performancemedia about digital in Russia and around the world. Rusability — news and articles on the topic of Internet marketing. Sostav-mass media about advertising, marketing and PR in Russia.

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Postium-news, lessons, and instructions for setting up and launching ads on the Internet. CMS Magazine is a digital magazine with materials on such topics as mobile and web development, Analytics, management, promotion and online advertising. Like me is an online publication about digital, social, and creative marketing. On the pages of the portal, you can find news from new media and a powerful practical base: cases, master classes, interviews with recognized industry experts.

We have selected several regularly updated blogs where novice specialists will find useful information for themselves. Copyright Now new publications are published not so often, but also among the articles of the past years, you can find a lot of useful and interesting things. Bablorub-blog of Dmitry Shakhov, the head of the Remark company.

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Romanus — the author of the blog novel Verdis shares useful information about website promotion and Internet marketing. Agency blogs Blog of Ingate, one of the largest agencies on the Russian Internet marketing market. The service's experts also regularly share experiment results on their blog. The Netpeak blog is aimed at business representatives, but materials about Internet marketing will also be interesting for beginners.

Blog SEO.

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The MegaIndex blog contains useful articles that will be of interest to site owners and promotion specialists. It contains instructions, articles, and useful guides for promoting in search results and social networks. Sibirix blog — you can find interesting articles on digital, research, and practical examples on The blog. TexTerra blog is a great blog that has articles on any topic on Internet marketing. SEO specialists should take a look at the section "Search marketing".

Other sections should also not be ignored.

RU contains articles on topics related to search engine promotion, contextual advertising, web Analytics, email marketing, and much more. SEO Blog SiteClinic — cases and articles on various aspects of search promotion: from technical Denis Builov make money on the Internet to copywriting.

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On the menu: morning espresso, news shot and news of the day. SEO method — useful recommendations from experienced SEO experts, ready-made author's cases and the latest news. SEO specialist-instructions, manuals, and case studies for website promotion with your own hands. Contextual advertising — practical guides to contextual advertising and web Analytics.