Copying robot

The girl admitted to using pocket money received during Chinese New Year to purchase the robot online, the report added.

copying robot

It is a common practice for Chinese teachers to assign students homework on copying text, such as vocabulary, passages or poems.

The robot, fitted with a metal frame to hold paper, has an arm to hold a pen.

With the aim of making the mass production of robots easier and more accessible, Dr.

After connecting the machine to the computer with a cable, the arm can produce text with the pen running on a software. The robot can produce 40 Chinese characters per minute, according to a shop assistant.

copying robot

Descriptions on the machines boast a variety of fonts for copying robot user to choose from, while others would allow the user to create their own front by using an app to write 6, Chinese characters once each for the robot to learn them. Users that own the machine told reporters that no one could tell the difference between the robot's handwriting and their own work.

The device can copying robot 50 characters per minute A demonstration video released by Beijing News shows one of the robots churning out handwritten Chinese characters perfectly at high speed.

The news has sparked debate among Chinese social media net users, with many calling on schools to reflect on the necessity of such mundane homework assignments. I wish I had this when I was studying,' said one user on microblogging site Weibo.

copying robot

She doesn't even know what she wrote in her copying robot one user said.