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Of the above-mentioned forms of radio frequency RF technology, UWB is considered one of the most accurate approaches because it can provide positioning estimates with centimeter-level accuracy.

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However, it is not yet known whether UWB can also offer such accurate position estimates during strenuous dynamic activities in which moves are characterized by fast changes in direction and velocity. To answer this question, this paper investigates the capabilities of UWB indoor localization systems for tracking athletes during their complex and most of the time unpredictable movements.

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To this end, we analyze the impact of on-body tag placement locations and human movement patterns on localization accuracy and communication reliability. Moreover, two localization algorithms particle filter and Kalman filter with different optimizations bias removal, non-line-of-sight NLoS detection, and path determination are implemented.

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Overall, depending on the selected optimization and on-body tag placement, our algorithms show good results in terms of positioning accuracy, with average errors in position estimates of 20 cm. This makes UWB a suitable approach for tracking dynamic athletic activities.

This paper presents the transient characteristics of an aperture-stacked patch antenna ASPA and its miniaturized version. Time- and frequency-domain characteristics of these antennas were calculated in a transmission mode Tx and also in a complete, option settlement price Bnaryalarm basnal binary options signals promo code system.

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We have used 3 different waveforms to drive the antenna: gaussian pulse duration psmonocycle pulse duration ps and defined wavelet duration ps. Results show that the highest received voltage best transmission efficiency is achieved for the pulse with the closest spectrum to the antenna's transfer function characteristic.

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In order to disclose the effects of the human body proximity, two body models were built and full-wave FDTD method was employed to carry out the simulations. Significant changes of the UWB antenna performance when close to the body were identified.

As well as expanding on previous works where we used a variant of Markov chain Monte Carlo MCMCcalled Metropolis-Hastings Monte Carlo, with simulated annealing, we introduce a new search method based on frequency annealing which leads to a more rapid and robust detection.

The first one can have the impact on low power implementations of UWB wearable radios; the second one discloses possible influence on the UWB systems design especially for template receivers. The impact of the human body on antenna characteristics was identified to be a key factor in UWB body-worn antenna design.

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