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The Cypriot supervisory authority CySec revoked its approval for this provider. This message leaves the service provider Regal Options in a deceptive light. Affected clients who were called by brokers of the company Regal Options have contacted the law firm Herfurtner Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH.


Trades with Regal Options are therefore not recommended without detailed examination. This is because investors may be exposing themselves to a large financial risk. Based in Munich and Hamburgthe lawyers of the law firm Herfurtner Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH are the contact partners for investors seeking investor protection.

The law firm serves affected investors from all European countries.

Regal Options

Further fields of activity include capital markets lawcompany law and business law. Do you have any experience with Regal Options and would you like to talk to a lawyer? You can contact us here. Regal Options — specifications Our lawyers have the following information about the vendor Regal Options: Company name: P.

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Investment Capital Limited according to CySec owner and operator of www. This states that the company behind the warning is not authorized to provide investment services via the above mentioned websites. Our lawyers are not aware of any information regarding approval and supervision of the provider of Regal Options by another European regulatory authority.

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Therefore, it cannot be assumed without reservation that the operator of Regal Options has the authorizations that are binary options regal options for his economic activity. Investors should consider these general potential pitfalls With relatively safe investments such as government bonds or overnight money, it is virtually impossible to generate margins.

Investors therefore look for lucrative options and in this context often come across presumably safe products with supposedly attractive profits.

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In most cases, however, investors suffer a complete loss of their capital investment in the end. One reads on the online presence of the respective company about significant terms of the financial world that suggest experience.

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Incidentally, the company is mindful of the financial well-being of its clients, offers professional advice and has binary options regal options to an international capital investment network. On closer examination of the homepage, however, it becomes apparent that it is a relatively impersonal appearance with irrelevant photographs from typical databases.

Regal Options Binary Option Platform Review

One looks for real existing investment advisors or references in vain. These are strong indications that should encourage clients to be prudent.

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Customers should inform themselves in detail about providers such as Regal Options before they invest their money. You can often find warnings from financial regulators and lawyers that will tell you the risks of certain investments.

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It is not uncommon for dubious providers to urge customers to sign contracts immediately. In order to bait potential customers, some companies pay out handsome profits after a first contact with little effort.

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Have you made similar experiences? So here, too, investors should pay attention.

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One sign of non-transparent transactions can be when your broker receives a high profit share for closing a deal. Here you should bear in mind that the investment advisor has a vested interest in you investing your assets in certain investment transactions.

Therefore, the advice provided by an agent is not necessarily neutral. Some brokers will therefore try to persuade indicatorless systems in binary options to make an investment that is not tailored to your personal needs.

Regal Options Review

There is a danger here that you will be deprived of risks and that the profit prospects of the investment will be presented too positively. What can customers do if they experience difficulties with Regal Options?

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The lawyers of our firm serve clients from all European countries, some of whom have suffered heavy losses due to investments abroad. Would you like to find out about your legal options in connection with Regal Options? Then you can contact us directly here.