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Strategy What are Nadex Call Spreads and how do they work?

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Nadex Call Spreads are contracts that have been specifically designed to utilize the benefits of this popular trading strategy. At Nadex, we have taken the positives and filtered out the negatives, creating an innovative contract that is simple yet powerful.

Here, you can learn more about what Nadex Call Spreads are, how they work, and how to trade them, complete with useful examples to give you an in-depth understanding. What is a call spread? A call spread is a trading strategy that involves buying and selling call options at the same time.

Traders use bull call spreads or bear call spreads depending on their market predictions. They have a built-in floor and ceiling, representing the total potential value of the trade and providing defined maximum risk and profit. This is where Nadex Call Spreads come from. They are based on a call spread strategy, but have been modified to simplify the process and remove drawbacks, making them better suited to individual traders.

What is a Nadex Call Spread contract?

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Here is an overview of Nadex Call Spread contracts: One contract packaged as a single unit. Rather than choosing from countless potential strike levels and price points, Nadex Call Spreads are listed with a predetermined range and total contract value.

What is a call spread?

This simplifies the process for you, as there is only one price to consider when making trading decisions. Short contract durations. Contracts range from two hours to one week in length, so you can select the time value that suits you. Small contract sizes. Nadex Call Spreads were designed with the individual trader in mind.

No pattern day trader rule. You can trade as often as you want, 23 hours a day, between Sunday and Friday. Nadex Call Spreads explained: need-to-know facts before trading There are several features of Nadex Call Spread contracts that set them apart from other financial instruments. These are the call spread contract fundamentals you need to understand: Built-in floor and ceiling. These are the upper and lower limits that protect you against bigger than expected losses and provide maximum profit targets.

Bi-directional structure.

Financial Spread Betting Binary options trading is a trend that is taking off around the globe. If you are familiar with financial markets or a forex trader then you have certainly heard of spread betting. Or, if happen to be in the UK, you probably are already somewhat familiar with financial spread betting because of how common they are in the bookies.

The maximum potential risk on any trade is known upfront. There are no nasty surprises and never any possibility of a margin call. When buying a Nadex Call Spread, the price level where you buy the contract, minus the floor internal option, represents binary options is there a spread maximum risk.

Best One? Binaries or Spread Betting

When selling a Nadex Call Spread, the ceiling level, minus the price level where you sold the contract, represents your maximum risk. Your contract expires at a set time. The underlying market price may move outside of the call spread range, however the contract is still intact until the designated expiration time. You are never knocked out, or stopped out of a trade early, effectively buying yourself time to be right.

You can close the trade early.

There are numerous strategies you can use some of which we will cover in further sections of our site so you dont have an excuse not utilize the endless possibilities at your disposal at any given moment.

While Nadex Call Spread contracts have a defined lifespan, there is the possibility to close a trade early to limit losses or lock in profits. Trading Nadex spreads When selecting a Nadex Call Spread contract, you will have a few choices to make: Which underlying market will you trade? You can choose from multiple underlying markets across currenciescommoditiesand stock index futures. What are your market expectations?

What is your price level? You will have a choice of several price ranges, giving you full flexibility.

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Once you choose your contract, you will see two numbers in red and blue. These are the bid price and binary options is there a spread price, which sit between the floor and the ceiling.

When you select the contract that interests you, this brings up the order ticket.

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Here, you can choose your price and size, which will then show you the maximum profit potential and maximum possible loss. At this point, these are the possible outcomes. The contract expires somewhere between the floor and ceiling. If the indicative price has moved up, you make a profit.

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If it has moved down, you take a loss. The exact amount will depend on how much the market has moved, and it will be somewhere in between your maximum profit and maximum loss. The contract expires and the indicative price is above the ceiling.

You will gain the maximum profit for the trade, as outlined before you placed it.

Binary option

The contract expires and the indicative price is below the floor. You will take the maximum loss for the trade, as outlined before you placed it.

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These are the potential outcomes at expiration, excluding fees. Always keep in mind though, there is the option to close a trade early to lock in profits or option settlement price losses.

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An example of trading Nadex Call Spreads The Nadex platform makes it simple to trade call spread contracts, but you still need to understand the decision-making process before opening a position. These are the key points you need to know about the contract: Floor: To understand this concept, think of the way insurance works.

This premium and its price are typically influenced by time and volatility. Time: the rule of thumb is that the more time there is remaining before expiration, the more premium you will pay to secure the trade. The less time, the less premium. Short-term contracts let you minimize your exposure to time premium. Volatility: the more volatile a market is, the more premium required. So, back to the trade. You decide to place the following: Buy one US call spread contract with a range of