Binary options bullshit

binary options bullshit ways to gain financial independence

These things are plaguing the world and I thought my country is Special to fall this kind of Bullshit. But I know my country is not special.

This does not exclude binary options traders from making mistakes. Especially successful binary options traders. There are numerous pitfalls and challenges to overcome, any of which could turn you from the path to success. This is a look into some of the common mistakes made by successful binary options traders.

So those who say that what the binary options bullshit is this Binary Option Trading, then I will tell you in simple way possible. My explanation is not that good in this but I still try my best.

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I never invested in Stock Market, but some members of my family has experience and they do this not everyday but still. So in Stock Market, in simple way I can tell you is that when you go to stock Market and buy a stock to invest it, the stock goes up or down is depend on the time.

Like you invest 5 dollars in this stock, if stock goes up you have a profit and if it's down then it's loss and you lost your 5 dollars.

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This also includes other things like security, trade etc. Not my best way to explain so if anyone has experience in this can help me.

Back to the original question: What brokers are left?

So what is Binary Option Trading? It's the same thing in a very different and risky way. You are trading against the broker.

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Like for example if you invest 10 dollars in Binary Option Trading, then you have to guess in 60 seconds if your investment is going up or down. If your investment gone up within 60 seconds then you are in profit but that also depend on percentage of profit.

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If your investment remained in profit for 5 hours for example with good percentage of profit then you can getdollars or even million dollars but that depends on luck. If your in loss then your whole money gone downhill.

How to use fibonacci retracement for guaranteed profit in Binary options and Forex

If you're lucky that is then it's OK but still, you will lost a lot of money and basically everything binary options bullshit have. If you lost your money in this, then I am sorry to be rude but you are the dumbest person on this planet and yes you will get a Darwin Award for that stupidity.

See a Problem?

These types of things are fake and you should stay away from it, no matter what they will seduce you by showing Farrari and Lamborghini or any expensive car.

So pls stay away from this.

Binary Options had a long way to go. The industry is in a pretty bad shape. Why is that?

If you really wanna invest, go to Stock Market instead. Binary options for smartphones this is not my best explanation of this. If anyone has better explanation than mine then pls do it because your better than this.

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But this is my best way to tell that Binary Option Trading is stupid and people shouldn't go to this if your dreaming of becoming rich.