Binary options and nonfarm payrolls, Economic events to trade with Nadex

With Nadex, you trade on current economic events, predicting the figures and making your own forecasts.

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Some of the biggest economic events in the US are the release of the nonfarm payrolls report, weekly jobless claims, the unemployment rate, and gross domestic product GDP estimates. With Nadex Binary Options, you predict the actual official numbers, giving you more control and avoiding the market-wide uncertainty surrounding major economic events. What are economic events and how can you trade them? Economic events help to show the macroeconomic health of a country.

Trading Binary Options on Non-Farm Payroll Days

The more significant the economic event, the more it has the potential to affect financial markets. Major events are found in an economic calendar, which will show upcoming reports and releases.

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Traders can then speculate on the figures directly or trade on related markets. Economic events are closely linked to some economic indicatorswhich are data or figures that reflect financial health and stability.

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For example, the Employment Report is a key economic indicator, as is the Initial Claims report. These reports include the number of nonfarm payrolls added or lost, and the number of weekly jobless claims made — you can predict these figures and trade on them with Nadex using binary option contracts.

June 18, 2020

With Nadex, you predict the actual numbers from the report or release. While some traders binary options and nonfarm payrolls volatility and can make money trading on market movements, speculating on the reports themselves gives you pinpoint control.

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And if you want to try your hand trading other markets too, there are plenty of opportunities on Nadex. Which major economic events can you trade on Nadex? We offer contracts based on the release of the nonfarm payrolls report, weekly jobless claims report, the unemployment rate, and US GDP.

Trading the NFP (Non-Farm Payrolls)

Whether you think key economic figures are going up or down, you can turn your prediction into a trade. Trading on the nonfarm payrolls report Nonfarm payroll is part of the monthly Employment Situation report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

It shows the number of jobs added or lost in the US economy binary options and nonfarm payrolls the last month, excluding jobs in the farming industry, some government workers, private households, proprietors, and employees in non-profit organizations. You can trade binary options based on the nonfarm payrolls report: simply select the strike that contains your prediction for the number of jobs that will be added or lost.

You can trade your predictions on the Nadex platform and be your own economist. Latest nonfarm payrolls release.