An unusual way to make money

Unusual Way To Make Money From Home in 2014

Last updated: Dec. Work as a Living Statue Individual performance artists make money posing as living statues on street corners around the world.

an unusual way to make money

There are even companies like the Rhode Island-based Ten31 Productions that hire performers to work as living statues for events such as WaterFire in Providence. Deliver Phone Books It might seem hard to believe, but those old-school phone books that show up on front doorsteps are delivered by folks who bag them, load them and go door to door to drop them off. The website DeliverYellow says that the job is a great money-maker for individuals, community groups that need fundraisers and people who already work as delivery drivers.

2. Deliver Phone Books

Horse-Sit Rover offers conventional pet care services, such as dog walking and drop-in visits. Some pet care pros will also housesit overnight for pets, including cats, snakes and even horses who want to stay on their home turf, however. Sponsors of 4.

an unusual way to make money

You should do your research before embarking on this money-making opportunity, though. Anthony Franciosi, founder of Honest Marijuana Company in Colorado, cautions that too few potential investors and partners fully understand the legal and licensing requirements, or the amount of work and capital needed, to run a high-quality marijuana-growing operation.

an unusual way to make money

Investors are not easy to come by, but I have had a few different parties who were interested in working with me. Sell Hair Looking for ways to make money online?

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Sites such as Online Hair Affair allow users to sell their own an unusual way to make money — for a small fee. The practice is somewhat controversial, however, since breast milk can spread disease.

an unusual way to make money

More From Your Money Sponsors of 7. Milk Snakes Snake venom is used for several purposes, including scientific research and antivenom production.