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Our idea is simple - learn, shoot, explore. Alor: Indonesia's Secret Gem Tweet By Victor Tang Indonesia is an undisputed scuba diving haven, with a vast archipelago comprised of dive destinations catering to every taste and budget. If you alor options divers on the best scuba diving in Indonesianames like Raja Ampat, Lembeh, Bali and Ahe are bound to be at the top of the list. But many feel that Alor has a resident Mola Mola population sighted more frequency than in Bali, macro subjects every bit as interesting as those in Lembeh, reef conditions that are arguably on par with Raja Ampat and alor options whale sightings at any moment.

How is it that such a highly rated dive location be relegated to an afterthought among scuba divers? One plausible reason could be that information about Alor remains alor options to find on the Internet.

Most info comes directly from local dive operators, which some might view skeptically until they have actually dived there. Dive operators paint an interesting picture on rustic accommodations offering intermittent access to alor options - an essential lifeline for underwater photographers.

Your Guide to Diving in Alor

This perception of Alor sounded exactly like the place that I thrive on, so I decided to head south and check it out alor options. On one of these trips to the area around Alor Island they reached the southern part of the Pantar Straits and ended up staying for the rest of their expedition. Donovan has been organizing trips to Alor since then.

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The Pantar Strait, which is in between 2 islands collectively termed the Alor Archipelago, has yet to be fully explored. On every return trip there are new alor options to dive, recently discovered by the locals. Even then, reaching Alor will take 2 days of travel, as one reaches Kupang in the evening and flights to Alor only depart in the earlier half of the day.

But at least that flight is only 45 minutes!

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Alor Underwater The diving map of Alor can be broadly classified into 2 main areas: Kalabahi Bay for macro photography and the Pantar Strait for wide-angle. The boat takes about an hour to get across the bay, which would be a good chance to catch a quick nap before the first dive, however the resident pod of dolphins and juvenile yellow fin tuna keep you awake with their daily duels. Alor is essentially an extinct volcano jutting out from the ocean, and all alor options dive sites in Kalabahi Bay are muck dives in black sand.

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The bay plunges to more than two hundred meters, which tricks whales alor options entering several times a year. Kendi Bay The abundance of soft coral strikes the diver when entering Kendi Bay and gives the site its name. Pause before getting in close to scout for macro subjects, because you might come eyeball to eyeball with one of the enormous Longspine Lionfish that use Kendi Bay as a resting spot between nocturnal hunts.

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Some of these lionfish are estimated to be as long as thirty centimeters! And while this is a great muck macro spot, the lionfish offer great Close Focus Wide Angle photo opportunities for those armed with mini dome ports. Fire Dartfish. Tamron 60mm.

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Synchronized Feeding by Porcelain Alor options. Nikon VR. Harlequin Sandperch. Manual mode at F3. A gentle slope that evens out at twenty meters, the site filled with pink soft coral for most the dive. Rare nudibranchs are often found as they come out to bask in the sun, with crustaceans lurking in almost any crevice you care to look into.

Yellow Spotted Anemone Shrimp.

Needle Cuttlefish. Ferry Harbor and Bus Station Ferry Harbor operates as the only nautical gateway out of Alor, and the Bus Station is named for the sunken bus that was there for years until it was recently salvaged for scrap.

Any dive at these places features the weird and the wonderful.

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Spanish Dancers are sighted very frequently at both sites, with the Ferry Harbor singled out as a great nursery, its large pylons and ample rubbish offering the perfect refuge.

Sea urchins are huge; their long spines used for protection by juvenile devil fish and pufferfish.

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Commensal Shrimp. Manual mode at F4.

Alor Setar to Jakarta Flights

Threesome This site is very special, for its name is attributed to the first divers to enter its waters that day: my guide, dive buddy and I. Threesome is a classic muck diving site, its alor options well camouflaged among the black and well hidden under the nooks and crannies. Alor options is the key here, for if you stay still long enough little movements seize your attention, and dragonets start to come out to feed.

There are lots of shrimp and lobster to be found here, tending to stand their ground against the invader youallowing you time to plan and frame that perfect shot.

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Bicolor Parrotfish. Diving the sites around the Pantar Strait revolves around a central theme: coral cover, fish life and more coral cover. Fed by incoming currents from the Indonesia Sea and the Pacific Ocean, visibility did not fall below twenty-five meters on any of the dives in the strait during my trip, at times reaching forty meters or more.

Alor: Indonesia's Secret Gem

All this, along with cloudless skies and a relenting sun, makes for some glorious diving. Below are some of the sites alor options to be missed. Situated on the northeast of Ternate Island, diving at The Edge starts with a gentle slope packed full alor options soft coral down to ten meters and an abrupt drop off that plunges beyond one hundred meters.

Strong and unpredictable currents here mean average individual coral sizes stay relatively small, but in unbelievable densities and alor options.

Alor's diving environment: healthy reefs, drift diving, advanced divers, off the beaten track When scuba divers talk about wanting to get away to a remote location in the middle of nowhere and do some amazing diving then this is what they mean. Alor, a small island north of West Timor in Eastern Indonesia, offers dives which are absolutely world class and it is a long, long way from the office. Superb macro life, amazing coral and benthic diversity, and schooling fish are the main marine attractions in Alor. An unusual and excellent alor options of diving here is the likelihood of spotting pilot whales and dolphins from your dive boat.

I thought I had seen complete coral cover blanketing a seascape, but that was before visiting Alor. This is one of those times where one has to have been there to really understand.