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XOH provides liquidity on thousands of trading instruments, allowing banks and brokers to boost trading volumes, reduce costs.

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As well as diversify and expand the stream of income. This broker has three types of solutions for organizations and notable companies.

Forex Solutions for Banks This type of solution makes it albina samsonova online earnings reviews for banks to further broaden their trading offering to clients.

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And eventually provide a better operating results using specific outsourcing approach. Banks can expand their market and instrument delivery at a fast rate with a albina samsonova online earnings reviews integrated portfolio management.

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As well as reporting tools that would help increase profitability. This solution offers excellent speed and quality execution, along with three execution types, complete security features, as well as zero hosting charges.

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Further protection can also be installed if necessary. Also, flexibility is made available on share option is as well as markdowns on group-level influence charts and swaps.

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Clients are also provided with a fully-customizable settings, reporting tools, and no security group limits. The firm offers practical opportunities for launching an IB or White Label business and generating more profit. The program enables participants convert their IB business or White Label into their own wholly branded and tailored brokerage, helping them produce additional income. Those who are interested, but are not an IB or White Label, can get started by using an express package which consists of a trading platform, an easy to use back-office software, and access to the highest level of liquidity available.

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Forex XOH offers liquidity on over 50 spot forex instruments, along with advanced execution features and competitive turnover fees. Nominal value of a lot isMinimum size of one pip is 0.

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Nominal value of a lot is up to Futures contract-level1, Instrument-leveland Index level. Minimum size of one pip is 1 Commodities Liquidity is available for 21 commodities from sectors including energy, agriculture, as well as precious and industrial metals. Nominal value of a lot and the size of one pip varies, depending on the commodity instrument.

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Highly-traded commodities offered by XOH include gold, Brent crude oil, coffee, and many more. Cryptocurrencies The firm provides liquidity on 25 cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, and Dash.

Nominal value of a lot is up to 10, Minimum size of one pip is 0. Nominal value of contract size is up to 50 US and Asian instruments25 European instrumentsand 10 UK instruments.

Leverage up to Number of shares per one lot are 1 for all instruments. Minimum lot size is 1 for all instruments.

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Innovative trading through the platform is possible through different execution types and comprehensive analysis. The Smart Executor also helps reduce dealers who must take control and stick to procedure, reducing operational costs as a result. Moreover, the platform uses features like price correlation, which is not always available to other providers.

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The charting package also includes advanced charting tools, i. Reseller program XOH offers a reseller program kind of affiliate marketing platform that enables to earn commission by attracting clients to X Open Hub. Conclusion — Is X Open Hub good?

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The firm offers liquidity and trading technology solutions to clients, startup groups, and brokers. Throughout its years in the trading industry, XOH has provided its services to more than hundreds of institutions in over 30 countries around the world.

Its reseller program also provides agents, entrepreneurs, and corporate introducers a simpler way to grow their business further. Furthermore, XOH has devoted its resources in technology to enable consistent low-latency execution.