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Atomic Adventure.

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This iOS game is described as a dark comedy atomic adventure of scavenge and survival. Your objective is to collect supplies and rescue your family before the atomic bomb hits you. Atomic Adventure that includes all the things you need to do to stay alive and do all the things the game expects you to do.

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The first chapter will give you 60 seconds to make a mad dash around your home and gather supplies as you deposit each item in your fallout shelter. Survival, on the other hand, is the longer, more complex chapter, and it comes with 60 seconds of strategy format reminiscent of those old Choose Your Own Adventure gamebooks, where you have to make certain decisions based 60 seconds of strategy what you read on your journal for the day.

These choices include how you should ration your supplies, whether you should have someone head to the surface, and what you should do when faced with random events.

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You Can Play Either Portion Independently Contrary to what you may have thought from the last tip, Scavenge and Survival are actually independent from each other, and can be played separately. Survival, on the other hand, has a longer, more drawn-out objective, and offers the more intensive gaming experience. Each of these levels have their own accompanying variables, including Exploration Time the quick period you have before scavenging that allows you to map out your planScavenge Time the duration in which you have to gather all the stuff before the atomic bomb dropsand Stocked Shelter the number of items in your shelter on Day 1 of Survival.

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In most cases, you get extra food and water, and you may sometimes get bonus equipment. Also included among the variables are Packed Suitcase, which refers to the items in your suitcase, should you pick it up in the Scavenge chapter. Fragile Equipment determines how sturdy or how fragile your items are when used, and Health Issues refers to how quickly survivors fall ill or go insane.

And, for one more pair of variables, Unwanted Visitors will show you how often any kind of outsiders, may they be friend or foe, would show up at your shelter and want to get in, and Trouble 60 seconds of strategy your indicator that shows how often negative random events can throw a wrench into your plans.

Just Keep On Picking Up Items You only have 60 seconds of time to run to the fallout bunker with items, and that leaves you little time to think. But it may actually be better not to think that much, and just keep grabbing items.

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The bunker is always procedurally generated read: random in 60 seconds of strategy of its contentand there may be some good use for the items you picked up, no matter how insignificant you may think they are. Then again, that deck of cards may be, and will be useful in minimizing the chances of survivors going insane in your bunker after being in close quarters for ages with no rescue in sight. There may also be seemingly inconsequential items that can help you escape, or could be used as a trade item to get something more useful in return.

Going back to the example of playing cards, they just might come in handy in marking your location, or you can use them if 60 seconds of strategy offers a radio or other useful, working items in return.

60-Second Strategies

Sustenance Or Survival Items? Of course, you should prioritize your family first and foremost more on that later when heading to the fallout shelter. Water, for instance, should be prioritized over food. Prioritize food next, then move on to your equipment. What types of equipment are best to pick up in this game? That means you should prioritize the gas mask when it comes to equipment.

Keep on grabbing any item you can handle, but take note as well that some items are more important than others in the nuclear fallout world of 60 Seconds.

Game Basics

The occurrence of events and their associated outcomes are also a random affair in this game. For example, traders may offer different items, and may want something different in return. Likewise, the army may ask for varying items in order for you to be rescued. The scavenged food you eat may be safe in one game, but they may cause everyone to fall sick if you eat them the next time around.

Although a lot of the game is based on random happenings and environments, there are some things that you can always expect regardless of the playthrough.

  1. Girls weekend- During apocalypse, get 3 soups, 3 waters, cards, checkers, A radio, a map, a padlock, and a suitcase, because they are ready for a girls vacation.
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For instance, following what the army asks of you will always result in your rescue. Survivors can die if they starve or go thirsty for too long.

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And high radioactivity is always a harbinger of illness. Everything in 60 Seconds is based on random occurrence, and that includes the stock of your house. Take the example of the suitcase, which takes up three spaces. Not wearing a gas mask is a surefire way to ensure a survivor returns ill after scavenging.

That can come back to bite you if the army wants something specific so you can push forward in the arc. And that will, of course, prevent you from making make money online in oole armies can very easily end up asking for that one thing that 60 seconds of strategy to be contaminated.

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Be careful when allocating items to your scavengers, as it can often be risky. Communicate Appropriately Remember what binary options project told you about things having different outcomes due to the random aspect of the game? Talking to family members, for instance, should be handled appropriately; talk to 60 seconds of strategy upset family member and that will usually and we repeat, usually help.

Giving strangers items will often result in some nice rewards.

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Keep Your Ears Tuned To The Radio Nowadays, radios have been replaced by connected smartphones in many ways as the main source of information during disasters. This item will let you know if there are rescue teams coming to save you, if there are items worth scavenging for, and can even help you in fixing other broken pieces of equipment.

The Scout Handbook, for starters, dishes out new game tips per day, and tapping on food or water reserves shows you how many you have remaining.